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You Have All You Need to Succeed in Life

succeed in life

*This is a reader contribution from the insightful Lillian Moon Lee.

You arrived on Earth with all the resources you need to succeed in life!

I believe we are here on Earth to evolve our souls.  The best way to do this is to heal ourselves — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  How would your world change if you viewed yourself and others as truly resourceful?

What if you arrived here on Earth with all the gifts and talents

 you need to succeed in life?

What if these resources are still dormant and waiting to be tapped into?

What if these resources just need to be watered and nurtured?

What if everyone you know sees you as pure and innocent, truly magnificent,

and full of talent and potential?

What if everyone you know also arrived on Earth with all the

resources they need to be successful?

What if from this minute forward you view yourself and everyone as truly resourceful?

What if you see the good, support the positive, encourage the potential, assume the best, look on the bright side, see the glass as overflowing, and wear rose-colored glasses all the time?

What if you choose love as your first, second, and third response!


Do you think I’m being Pollyannaish thinking it is possible to view everyone in the world as resourceful?  It is true on some days it is easier than others. Yes, it also may be that these resources are still dormant or untapped, and desperately in need of nutrients, water, sunshine, and love.

I learned the following presupposition or “assumption” during my first training session of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for short).

People have within them all the resources they need.

What they need is access to these resources

at appropriate times and places. (Andreas, c. 1990)

NLP was founded on a set of “presuppositions” or useful assumptions about people and the world.  These presuppositions are not necessarily true in every instance, but acting as if they are true is very useful.

I thought these presuppositions were interesting, however, my studies quickly moved on to other topics.  One day about five years after my training concluded, I had an epiphany! These presuppositions are truly powerful and the most inspired information I learned during my entire four years of studying for my NLP certification.

Perceiving yourself as arriving here on Earth with all the gifts and talents you need to succeed in life is very empowering.

By acting as if this is true, that, “You have within you all the resources you need”, you are giving yourself permission to “be” exactly who you are right now.

By giving yourself this permission, it is no longer necessary to beat yourself up for your past or present behaviors.  It is now time to start nurturing your untapped resources!


Suggestions for nurturing your untapped resources

  1. Act “as if” you already have the resource you need.  If you need to access your creative resources, think of someone you admire and consider very creative and then model their behavior.

As a writer, I admire Wayne Dyer.  To access my creative writing part, I put myself in his shoes and sit or stand like he does, and ask myself, “How would Wayne approach this project?”  Then I let my creativity soar.

  1. Read stories and watch movies about ordinary people performing extraordinary feats.  Look for clues about what they were thinking, how they felt, what they saw and heard.  If one person has tapped into a resource, then others can as well.

They may have thought they were incapable of such great and unselfish acts.  Yet, when the situation called for a resource, they stepped up.  They probably didn’t stop and do a lot of analyzing.  They just acted.  Once you have accessed a resource, it is part of your DNA and you can access it again.

  1. Form a partnership or exchange bartering services with another person or group. As far as I know, there is no rule saying you can’t ask for help.  Find someone who has a complimentary skill or resource you need.  Chances are you have a resource they could use also.

For example, if you are quiet and shy and need someone with an outgoing personality to do some marketing for your business, check out your friends or a networking group.  While they are out networking, you can be back in the office keeping everything running smoothly.

  1. Give yourself permission to fail.  Nurturing and watering a resource can take time.

As an example, becoming a keynote speaker commanding big bucks per speaking engagement takes practice.  Along the way to fully accessing your speaking resources, you will have setbacks and flops and successes.  Learn everything you can from your experiences and continue to refine and polish your resources.

  1. Treat yourself like you treat your loved ones.  If your child comes home from school crying and says, “I’m a failure,” most people wouldn’t agree with their child.  The parent would find out what was going on.  They would be supportive and caring and loving.

Is that how you treat yourself?  Do you agree with that critical, nagging, negative part of you or do you immediately add sunshine, water, nutrients and a big does of love to make everything better?


In order to make this belief your own, try this exercise.

The following is a belief statement.

I have within me all the resources I need to succeed in life!

First, center yourself into your heart.  Think about peace, joy, and love.  Take three deep breaths in and out and feel love in the center of your chest (your heart chakra) and let this feeling spread throughout your body.

Second, practice saying this statement out loud.  Use a tone of voice filled with confidence and respect.  If you are practicing in front of a mirror, stand tall, with your shoulders back, and your head held high

Third, if a negative thought enters your head, simply say, “thank you for sharing,” and continue to repeat the belief statement.

Repeat this exercise as often as you wish.

You can choose how you want your life to be!



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, is the study of the structure of subjective or internal experience.  A simplified definition:  Neuro refers to your brain, Linguistic refers to language and how you communicate with yourself and others, and Programming refers to how you code that information.

Presupposition information by Steve and Connirae Andreas (c. 1990)

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*Lillian Moon Lee has a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is the wife to Ken,  the parent to her cats Bertram (an oriental blue) and Bailey (a Japanese bobtail). She is a spiritual seeker of truth, Tai Chi novice, and avid reader of fiction and nonfiction. She is currently working on a book, Wisdom from Paws: Lessons from an enlightened kitty. Feel free to contact her at

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