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5 Reasons Facebook Can Make You Happy

facebook can make you happy

Do you like Facebook?

Well I like Facebook…  but the problem is that my girlfriend really likes Facebook. She often comes home after a long-hard day and *poof*, she disappears. It’s as if the computer is opening the door to another dimension – she swiftly logs in.

Normally – I’ll tell her to get off  and stop wasting her time. Or I’ll mumble under my breath, “geesh, still looking at those pictures of your mom’s, ex-boyfriend’s, sister?”. My efforts almost always fail to pull her away from the extremely addicting social networking site. Though, not to be a hypocrite – I too have lost track of time talking to readers on the How-to Be Happy Community – Facebook Page.

I believe face to face interaction is best for anyone, so naturally I was initially turned off by Facebook. But I decided to stop being so pessimistic towards this popular habit and give positive thinking a try. I assumed it would be hard considering how many times I’ve read about Facebook being a number one contributor to lost productivity. But trying to spin a positive perspective on the matter – I gave it a shot.

Honestly… I was wrong, it wasn’t hard – I found out that Facebook can make you really happy!

5 Reasons Facebook is Good for You

1. It allows you to express yourself

Facebook is a great outlet for showing the world who you are. I still remember those trendy mirror pictures from back in the day! You can quickly give a status update on how you feel and then check back in an hour (or minute) to see how it resonates with your friends and family. It lets you showcase your life – the good and the bad (if you choose). For some, Facebook is a great way to voice their opinion and show the world a little slice of who they are… Self-acceptance leads to a happier existence.

2. It connects you to family and friends

Maybe that’s why it’s called a social network? I love being able to sign on and see how the different people I care about have spent their day.

Facebook can make everyday feel exciting right from the sofa. Without having to travel or even pick up the phone, you can quickly see how all of your family and friends are doing. If anything remarkable (wedding, pregnancy, new jobs, etc.) is going on – Facebook allows you to be a part of it! You can rest assured that no life moments (or happy birthdays) are missed if you use Facebook.

3. It can inspire you

I find that Facebook can actually be the means for increasing productivity. Lets say for example, that I am having a really bad day and get home in a bad mood not wanting to do a darn thing. Well, odds are that if I get on Facebook I can find something to turn that mood around. My friend Jacqueline wrote an inspiring story about how after waking up to a bad day, a picture of her nephew heading off to his first day of school, inspired her to get up and face the day!

4. It gives you a sense of belonging

All people want to feel like they belong somewhere. We are pack animals – no matter how technology savvy we become – this inner motivation will always exist. On Facebook once you post a new picture or comment – you instantly get feedback from others. The remarks are often very positive and full of many “likes”, giving you a sudden spark of self-confidence. Have you ever counted how many people said Happy Birthday to you? (I have)

Why do we do it?

Probably because it’s an ego booster and reassures us that we are loved.

5. Its fun!

And honestly, it can be a lot of fun. Interaction with others, playing Farmville, checking in to see who has poked you – whatever it is you find yourself doing on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’re enjoying it. Having an outlet to enjoy your day is essential to good health and happiness. As long as it’s in moderation – doing what makes you happy will improve you. So go ahead, get off here, log into Facebook, and be happy!

In Conclusion:

Facebook = Happiness

*Are you an avid Facebook user? Can you vouch for times it has made you happy? Or do you still think it is a complete waste of time? Share your comments below!

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