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7 Reasons Why Personal-Development Is The Most Important Thing YOU Can Do

Imagine this, YOU ARE DEAD! You died last night in an unexpected accident. Your closest family and friends have gathered around and are exchanging stories at your funeral. Can you hear the music? Smell the flowers? See their faces? See yourself?

What are they saying about you? More importantly what would you want them to be saying about you? As you visualize yourself in that casket, what emotions do you feel? Did you live a life you are proud of? Was it everything you dreamed of? Did you live to your fullest potential?

Did you even know what your dreams were?…


When I imagine my funeral as if it happened today a sense of urgency comes about. I would not be proud of my relationships, I would be disappointed in the progress of my dreams, and I would have died knowing I could be so much more.

But the one thing I’ve got going for me is I know where I’m headed. I’ve recently discovered some good knowledge in personal-development and have already used it to become aware of what I want from life. For the first time, I know what my dreams are and I feel excited to try and achieve them.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am because I felt so empowered and motivated to begin working towards reaching my dreams. The books I have read have given me all of the information I need to achieve my dreams and tackle obstacles along the way. More importantly I have FAITH, I have the confidence in myself to know that my dreams can come true!

So what’s the point?

These positive feelings: excitement, confidence, motivation, empowerment, faith, and self-awareness didn’t appear out of thin air. Remember that good knowledge I came across? That was found in the books, “The Slight Edge” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people”.

The source of the information doesn’t really matter – there is good knowledge in many forms: tapes, videos, and people you speak with. What does matter is that you take an initiative to develop yourself, to grow, and to be a life-long learner.

I believe there is no greater accomplishment in life than to master your inner-self. Your life lies between your ears. Anyone can live an extraordinary life, I can, and you can. You can become aware of your greatest ambitions, live to your fullest potential, and create the life you fantasize about. The trick is to understand the power of personal-development (aka: self-improvement, self-development, self-help, personal-growth, etc.).

Let me ask you this, do you believe that there is any greater investment than yourself? I don’t… money and material things can vanish in a heartbeat but you are inseparable from your life. I know some of the personal-development material is hokey and some require more effort than the perceived benefit. Luckily good information is easy to find, use it to lay a foundation (a way to process more knowledge), and then take baby steps. There is no doubt that spending the time to understand and develop yourself leads to success and happiness.

I could list a hundred reasons why personal-development should be everyone’s top priority but instead of building an exhausting list, here are my top seven:

7 Reasons Why Personal-Development Is The Most Important Thing YOU Can Do


1. If I knew everything that you owned and could see the environments in which you live, I could only predict 10% of your happiness… That is because 90% of a person’s happiness is internal! Personal-development teaches you how to master yourself from the inside out.

2. Real humans need to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy. Personal-development teaches you how.

3. There is no greater time or money investment than yourself. Personal-development builds your human capital, defined by wiki as:

“The stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

Human capital doesn’t disappear. If you lost everything tomorrow, your human capital is what would remain to pull you out of the dirt.

4. It is not reality which shapes you. But the lens in which you view the world that shapes reality. You can change the lens and thus change your happiness, your experience, your life.

5. Personal-development teaches you how to discover what it is that you genuinely want out of life. It allows you to get to know yourself and live life on your terms.

6. Personal-development allows you to reach your fullest potential. It allows you to shape yourself into the person you want to be. It teaches you how to identify what matters most. You’ll begin to learn and grow in the areas of life that are authentic to your needs, wants, and desires.

7. The act of personal-development is rewarding in itself. Discovering yourself, doing hobbies you hadn’t realized you enjoyed, healing relationships, feeling healthier, increasing your knowledge, watching your ambitions materialize, it’s all a blast! There is an indescribable motivator that springs up inside you as you begin to take action toward becoming who you are meant to be. It changes your perspective, life becomes invigorating, and your sense of purpose reaches new heights.


To be the happiest you can be, to achieve your greatest desires, and to live the life of your dreams you must invest time in yourself. Personal-development should be a priority in your life as you are your life’s greatest asset. Virtually anything is possible for you, personal-development is how you’ll get there!

Do you believe that there is anything more important than investing time in developing yourself?

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