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Are you an Overworked SuperMom? 4 Life Changing Tips

Overworked Super momRing, ring, ring!

The alarm goes off, it’s 6 am. I fight the urge to roll over under my blanky. I get the kids ready, make breakfast, pack lunches, and take them to school. Then there’s that eight hour “break”, where I’m catering to someone else’s needs for mediocre pay. Then, I race to daycare, pick up the kids, help with homework, burn the dinner, feed the kids, do a couple loads of laundry, feed the dog, and give baths. Then it’s bedtime and prayers… AHH!

Oh yeah, now I get some quiet time but am too tired to enjoy it. Does this sound familiar?

You super moms know this feeling, but it often leaves you feeling anything BUT super. In this game of life Mom’s everywhere – single, married, young and old –repeat this busy cycle.

That’s why I felt that you deserved this reminder that little things truly do matter and YOU ARE AMAZING!

4 Life Changing Tips

1. Take a breath

When the kids are screaming, the dog just ate someone’s dinner, and you feel your face getting red…stop for a second. Take a deep breath. Understand that we all get overwhelmed. We all have thought at one point or another, “When will I catch a break?”. It is at this point that I want you to breathe and remember to count to ten. Yes, it really does work wonders.

2. Enjoy

I’ve heard so many people ponder where the time went, where their life went. Sometimes it is good to just let go and enjoy the act of living. Enjoy your kids running through the house. Enjoy those obnoxiously loud sounds as they tickle each other. Even enjoy the arguments. One day they are going to be grown and gone. No longer running around the house, no longer filling it full of life. Try to capture those moments and enjoy the gift of life.

3. Join In

It seems like the duties of motherhood are never finished. There will always be a load of laundry, a boo-boo to clean, or some crazy game to participate in. I encourage you to join in on their fun! These moments will create memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. These memories will live within your children as they grow into adults.

4. Always Remember You

So many moms forget to love themselves. It’s okay to have some down time. It’s good for you to have some “kid free quiet mommy me” time. Many of us moms feel guilty when we do this.There is no reason to feel bad – send your kids out with your husband, your parents, or to their friend’s house. Then do something that you enjoy for the evening. Read a book, paint, or even simply enjoy the pleasure of going to the bathroom alone for a change. Mommy time will help remind you not only who you are but why you are you. Plus it’ll help rejuvenate you and make you more energetic for the kiddos when they return.

Super mom’s come in all shapes and sizes.

You have so much to offer the world, not only through your personal ambitions but through your children. Sometimes however, it is important to remember to stop and enjoy the moment… to enjoy the simple act of living and to embrace the love that surrounds you.

-Serenity Speros

What is your most memorable “super” moment?

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