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[tiny tweak] Deactivate your Facebook

Don’t Facebook your problems. FACE them.

Ever consider getting rid of your Facebook? Something inside of you inherently knows the destructive force of this social sucking vampire. Consider the benefits of divorcing Facebook and then act on your instincts!

I unplugged yesterday, “woot-woot!” My autonomous brain has already tried logging back on 10+ times, only to HIT A BRICK WALL. The pain in the toosh of reactivation has saved my free time and attention span. For the extremely bold you could even DELETE your Facebook account (rather than simply deactivating).



Greater Focus

You’re working… you’re working… and you think… “I need a quick Facebook break”. You plan to be on and off in a jiffy. However, you see that your cousin’s, boyfriend posted an intriguing music video titled: What Does The Fox Say?.

What’s the harm in watching right? You watch [5 minutes] and now feel curious to know what a fox actually does say. So you Google it [2 minutes] and are lead to another video by animal planet that shows actual footage of a fox howling [4 minutes]. You are excited about this new information so you post it on your cousin’s, boyfriend’s wall [1 minute]. He then instant messages you to chat about the video. After a “short” conversation [6 minutes] you return to work [18 minutes later]… That is the power of the Facebook-internet combo and happens to me almost EVERY time.

No Facebook means one less outlet for procrastination and distraction. It’ll keep you from getting sucked into the vast depths of interspace.

More free time

Time yourself tomorrow. Whether you spend 15 minutes or 5 hours on Facebook, you’ll steal back your valuable time!


Ever get tired of nosy coworkers, family, or friends? Get rid of Facebook and force people to actually get to KNOW you.

Less Awkwardness

Do you know some people better from Facebook than in real life? “Oh, hi Susie how’s your dog Bandit been?” (???How does he know about my new dog???)

Bragging rights

Be a rebel, when people find out that you have pulled the blue cord, they will secretly praise you. For most Facebook is more of an addiction than anything else. If you get rid of yours you will have exhibited mass self-control and discipline.

Spill it, is this a good or bad tweak?

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