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Do You Have Inner Self-Control?

“Okay, I’m going to exercise today and stay off Facebook”, I promise myself as I roll out of bed.

Fifteen hours later, one of which was spent on Facebook and having clocked no time at the gym I think, “What went wrong?” I had good intentions, yet I failed to act on them.

Looking back on my day I feel annoyed with myself. “Why do I keep letting myself down?”, I think. If only I would do what I know I should.

If you’ve experience these thoughts you know that they feel like self-defeat and are unpleasant at best. This is why we should try our damnedest to prevent them.

Self-control is a key factor in achieving success. We can’t control everything in life, but we can definitely control ourselves. – Jan McKingley Hilado

Doing what your inner-self knows you should is to practice inner self-control. Simply listen to the silence within and take action when it speaks. It’s unfortunate that the mental chatter of our mind blabs so loud that we can’t hear the infinite wisdom of our universally connected inner-self.

Even when we get glimpses of genuine action we should be taking, without inner self-control the ego shuns them aside to pursue its own artificial objectives. Objectives that do not make us truly happy in the grand scheme of life.

That is what we what right? To live purposefully and with meaning, in other words to be happy! So we must master ourselves from within, starting with self-control.

The Greatness of Inner Self-Control

Once you master self-control, you can align your daily actions with the inner messages you receive from totality. You can live a life that is rooted in the present, where every action feels purposeful, and your life overall has a great sense of meaning.

I know you have experienced the enormously positive effects of self-control as well, but maybe not as frequently as you deserve. Picture the following scenario.

You map out a plan for your day. Maybe picking up the house, cooking a nice dinner, mowing the lawn, etc. Then you carry out that plan, you don’t let anything distract you, and you feel completely accomplished at the end of the day.

You go to sleep feeling unstoppable and utterly proud of yourself. Imagine having that experience everyday of your life!

Self-control is the best super-power you can have. – Unknown

While I would never suggest you try to control aspects of the outer world. Inner self-control is completely in your power.

Inner self-control strengthens when you fight back against the ego’s wave of obstructive thoughts and emotions. Inner self-control is instinct while the ego is impulse.

In the next post I’ll share strategies to improve your inner self-control, but let’s talk about all of the benefits you’ll get as a result!

Self-Control Unlocks The Following


You deserve to feel like you’re awesome. If you don’t feel like there’s anyone you’d rather be than yourself, than your self-confidence is too low. If you are to live a life of meaning you need to know and feel your importance.

Every time you do something that is in alignment with your purpose by listening to your inner self, it increases your self-confidence. It makes you feel powerful. You think to yourself, “heck yeah, I can do what I put my mind to”.

Even if you start small, every little boost to your confidence helps and the larger your self-confidence, the larger the obstacles you can conquer.


By being diligent about doing what you know you should, you don’t waste time and energy doing what you shouldn’t.

Although clicking around on Facebook was much easier for me than going to the gym, which do you think would have given me more energy?

When we do what our ego wants it often drains us because its not what our soul needs. When we do what our inner self knows is right, it rejuvenates us because its an action that is true to the path we are meant to travel.


When we take control of our inner realty, we take control of our life. It means we stop living under the control of our ego and instead live authentically to ourselves.

Self-control helps us take action toward doing what is best for our true nature and totality. As we do those things we begin feeling the meaning of our lives because we are fulfilling our purpose.

Inner elf-control is the primary skill you need to cultivate the life you are meant to live. Without it, you’ll just float around this life letting forces outside of yourself dictate its direction. You’ll live but it’ll be with a weak feeling of connection or meaning toward life.

Please join me in the next post to learn how to master our self-control from within.

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