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How To Find Your Passion – 5-Step Guide

“Help me find my passion” is a phrase that is searched over a half a MILLION times in Google each month! Rightfully so! Without a doubt, one of the greatest supports to someone’s happiness is finding their passion! Whether their passion is: fishing, couponing, missionary work, entrepreneurship, or collecting stamps, having a passion gives you purpose, direction, meaning, and satisfaction in life!

Once you find your passion, you can organize your life around doing what you love. No matter what your passion is you can creatively find a way to make a living from itIf you cannot think of a way to make a living through your passion, you could always do what I did and create a blog!

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Because a passion is such a powerful and compelling feeling, it can light the fire burning inside you and spark a wave of energy that moves you to overcome any obstacle you face in life. We must know our passion, it is vital to enjoying life! We must know the reason we are here on earth and feel happy about doing something we love each and every day!

Not to mention, if you find your passion you will bring secondhand happiness to those around you that you care about most (family and friends).

Okay lets’ waste no more time, follow the quick guide below and find your passion now!

5-Step Guide to Finding Your Passion

Step 1

Imagine you have become stranded on a deserted island and it is apparent to you that you will live here for the rest of your life… alone and away from the rest of the world. Take 10 minutes or so and brainstorm a list of as many things as you can possibly think of that you would regret not doing in your previous life (the one you’re living now). Do not censor anything! Let it all flow from pen to paper, you will find out a few things you did not realize about yourself this way.

Here are five of mine: -not spending more time with family, -not talking and getting to know more friends, – not helping others more, -not spending more time trying to enjoy life instead of trying to make a lot of money, -not being positive to all in my life.

Step 2

Read your “list” and write down in the margins any internal emotions you feel while reading each separate item on the list. Example: guilty, angry, sad, unsettled, shame, motivated, encouraged, etc.

Step 3

Take a break! Place the list somewhere that you will remember to read over it each day. Over the course of a week or so read the list each day, that way the items on it will soak into your subconscious mind. If you think of something new feel free to jot it down. By allowing ourselves to become accustomed to the items on the list over a longer time period, we give some voice to the truths inside of us that would otherwise go unheard or be given little attention. We begin to realize those things that mean the most to us. If you notice your internal emotions changing over the course of the week, make a note of the new emotions next to the item on the list.

Step 4

“Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching.” – Unknown Author

On the last day start merging different items off the list together until you have created a statement that describes what you’re all about. You will know when the statement is right because it will tug at your heartstrings! When you find something that you would do for free, you have found your calling in life! It may bring you to tears, give you immense peace, or rattle your bones to the point where you want to begin taking action right this second! It may be that you find multiple passions, but try and merge all the points into at least 3 well defined statements of who you are, what you stand for, and how you’d love to live your life. For example I merged my five points together above (see step one) to make one of my three passions, “Being a supportive friend and family member that can help those around me increase their happiness”. Yours could be anything, “being the Guinness Book of World Record Champion for the largest collection of stamps!”.

Step 5

Pick one of your passions and take action! Write down and commit to one step you can take this week to transition your life into one that is geared more around your passion. Make it something achievable that you can maintain for the long haul! Each week continue to add and move yourself that much closer to a life you have designed! With this process you will start to notice yourself feeling happier as time goes by!

I hope you all find external happiness in your life!

How will you live out your passions?

Please share your creative ideas for living your passion, and also your PASSION STATEMENTS in the comments below!

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