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How to Have Fun and Be Happy Doing Anything

As you all well know, our intentions here at How-toBeHappy.com are to raise your happiness levels!

After some hard thought I realized that one of the easiest ways to do this would be to recommend some quick ways to simply HAVE FUN!

The Research Ramble: According to Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Institute, “If you are having fun you will be happy!”.

Have fun and be happy
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In other words, fun is the pinch of sugar that gives happiness its flavor!

Below I would like to share with you the 10 top things I can always do to ensure loads of fun and enjoyment no matter what the activity.

Sure these may work best with a favorite hobby but they’ll work at work too! Please note if you can do more of these at once go for it! The bigger the combo the greater the amusement!

10 Ways to Guarantee Fun and Happiness

1. Jam to some music – Sing along to a sweet song, or jam aloud to your favorites. Music is fun and calms the soul.

2. Invite your pals – Our friends and family give us the greatest connection and worth in life. Make use of them, when they’re around things are certain to be good.

3. Move it – Dance, run, exercise, boogie, do desk chair work-outs! If you’re moving your body, you will increase your fun! Physical activity releases those “feel good” endorphins in your brain.

4. Hit the easy button – Don’t think too hard, just do! Avoid introspection (looking inside yourself), this will only result in greater stress and less fun.

5. Shooting the **** (breeze) – No matter where you’re at a chat about anything is going to make the day more pleasurable than sitting around in silence. Some of the best fun comes from sitting around with pals, sharing stories and laughs.

6. Look for humor – Learn how to develop your sense of humor so that you can twist the literal meaning of things into sarcasm, humor, irony or puns. If this fails, find something to laugh about (your co-workers new haircut) and go all out!

7. Go somewhere – Anywhere will work, just change your scenery and experience something new and fresh. This is stimulating to the mind and anything out of the ordinary (which isn’t forced mind you) is bound to bring with it some delight.

8. Do not think about “fun” – It’s a weird thing but if you are thinking about whether or not you are having fun, then you’ve run into a big problem. Live in the moment and “feel” the fun.

9. Chillax – If things are hectic just sit back and take a breather. Find something that’s not so serious to partake in and enjoy it for all its worth.

10. Goof-off – This is the true secret to having fun. I’m sorry but Mr. So Serious lives a life of misery. If you want to have fun and be happy remember that it’s ok to be a goofball on occasion.

What things do you do to have fun? (Please leave in the comments!)

Here’s my favorites:

· Spend time with mother nature (hike, sit in a creek, walk the dog).

· Go to the drive-in movies with family and friends.

· Kill time through intellectual conversation with my brother and best friend.

· Put on some music and dance with my fiancee.

· Play chess in person, with anyone.

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