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How to Get More Confidence

The belief in oneself, one’s power and one’s abilities is the single most motivational factor in achieving ANYTHING!

If you believe in you, then the curve balls life throws at you and the obstacles you have to hurdle over to get to your dream place in life, will be a CAKE WALK.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”  ~African Proverb

Self-confidence is a natural fighter against many of the harsh enemies we experience in life such as: negativity, doubt, shame, depression, and hopelessness.

Self-confidence and happiness are allies and share the list of enemies above. Therefore if you increase your confidence you can be certain you’ll also increase your happiness.

The Research Ramble – Many research studies in the field of positive psychology show a relationship between peoples reported self-esteem and confidence and their self-reported happiness.

How to get more confidence
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Try this! Think of one thing that will make you happier. Now think about how self-confidence may play a role in helping you achieve it.

For example:

A solid relationship – Self-confidence would give you courage to seek and pursue, you would believe in yourself and know you are lovable, and you would feel a sense of self-worth, thus knowing you are good enough for someone else.

A shiny new car – Self-confidence would give you the energy needed to produce the income for the car, plus you would trust that a moment would come when you can find a blowout price on your vehicle of choice.

Are you convinced yet??? Please read below to start building your self-confidence today!

8 Solutions to Increase Self-Confidence Today

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.  -Sonya Friedman

Solutions 1 – 5 follow the basic principle that if you act it first, you will feel it second. The way people see you, is how they will interact with you. If they see a slumped over, non-showered, slow pacing bum – they will treat you as such. These interactions with other people will define how you feel about yourself and who you think you are. However, the opposite is true – act with confidence and this will radiate to others, you will be treated as a person with confidence and it will become a permanent part of you. MY PROMISE – Try these for a week and share with us in the comments the difference it has made to your life. I know it will be HUGE.

  1. Posture – Throw your shoulders back, puff out your chest, raise your chin, straighten your back and non-verbally shout to the world – I’M IMPORTANT! You will appear more enthusiastic to others and automatically feel more confident, alert, and empowered.
  2. Dress to your standards – Dress in a way that makes you feel good, no one is more aware of your physical appearance than you. If you let yourself feel good about your appearance or at least feel – clean, sharp, nice, cool, etc., the way you act towards others and carry yourself will improve for the greater!
  3. Pep in your step  – Walking faster, increases how you feel both physically and mentally. Physically your heart beats faster and more oxygen circulates through you brain resulting in more energy. Mentally, you feel more purposeful (a person who has a place to be) and you certainly feel more important. So get your swag on!
  4. Compliment others – Instead of condemning, complaining, or criticizing others try using compliments! Try breaking the negativity with the positive approach of giving other compliments. Plus, when you compliment others they are likely to compliment you back, resulting in… you guessed it, higher confidence.
  5. Hit the gym – Personally, the times in my life when I was working out, were the times I was the most confident. It plays along with self-image above, making you feel more attractive, proud, and secure. However, physiologically exercise has been proven to give people more energy, increase the production of “feel good” endorphins, and make it easier to tackle everyday tasks.
  6. Try this! Personal pick me up – Listening to a motivational speech is a great way to build self-confidence. However, an even greater way is to listen to a motivational speech about you! So take 5 minutes and write a 25 second speech highlighting your strengths, qualities, and aspirations. Then anytime you are feeling down consult your speech to uplift yourself and bring back your confidence.
  7. Try this! Finish some small to-do’s – It can be simple; clean your desk, get the groceries, or grease that squeaky door. By knocking out some small task that you have been procrastinating on or getting some items crossed off your to-do list you can make yourself feel good because you accomplished these small achievements. Completing one small goal or chore makes it that much easier to complete another! As you start feeling the success of getting things done, your confidence will be high and you will feel like a million bucks.
  8. Try this! Get to know yourself – As the intro quote stated, if there are no enemies within then the enemies on the outside cannot hurt you. If you have low self-confidence the only person to blame is yourself. Oftentimes we have a lot of negative internal dialogue (the messages we subconsciously tell ourselves) without even knowing it. To defeat the enemy – the negativity and doubt inside yourself, you must GET TO KNOW YOU. This is psychological WARFARE! Keep a journal and start writing down the thoughts you hear yourself saying. Find the source of these negative thoughts, resolve them and start replacing them with the things you like about yourself, things you are good at, and all other positive message you have of yourself. Dig-deep – consider whether or not your internal dialogue is accurate and when you realize the limitations it has been placing on you, DECLARE WARE and don’t come to any resolution other than a positive, confident mindset.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Your confidence success story! (Please share in the comments below!)

Were there times in your life when you felt on top of the world, what was your trick?

After trying these out, please let us know of the success they have brought to your life!

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