How to Get More Energy – 55 Ways and Counting 2

“How do I get more energy?” you ask. Simple! Try one or more of our ideas to increase your energy.

Get More Energy
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Do we expect you to try all of them? Of course not! That would be overwhelming and remember we’re about happiness here. So try the ones that sound like the most fun or make the most sense to you! 

Why energy level is vital to happiness.

Think about it, when you have more energy it is much easier to do those things that make you a happier person. It becomes easier to exercise, easier to hold your temper, easier to go out of your way to help someone else, easier to pack up all that equipment and take the family on an enjoyable camping trip, and so on. So come on folks let’s get started on creating our own happiness energy!

55 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level And Thus Increase Your Happiness


1. Increase your Magnesium Intake

  • Mineral needed for 300 biochemical reactions in the body and breaks glucose down in energy.
  • Improves cell efficiency
  • 300 milligrams a day for women, 350 milligrams for men
  • Natural remedies: handful of almonds, peanut butter, hazelnuts or cashews daily.
  • Green leafy vegetables and whole grains.
  • More fish weekly: halibut, tuna, mackerel, and salmon.
  • Increase daily intake of whole grains and bran cereal.

2. Get a fiber rich cereal

  • Avoid skipping meals to keep blood sugar balanced
  • Studies showed those who did experienced a 10 percent reduction in fatigue, reduced depression, and improved cognitive skills.

3. Have some fruit for breakfast

  • Nature’s natural candy tastes sweet and gives that morning jolt of energy.

4. Eat Breakfast

  • Most important meal of the day.
  • Gives your body a morning kick start.
  • Reduces fatigue and helps balance blood sugar levels.

5. Avoid skipping meals

  • Even going a few hours without food can have an effect on energy.
  • This creates blood sugar dips that leave you feeling weak and tired.

6. Drink Lots of Water

  • Keeps you hydrated and gives you energy.
  • At least 8 glasses a day.
  • If your pee is not clear, you are not drinking enough!
  • Thirst can bring about fatigue

7. Eat More Whole Grains (Less sugar)

  • Whole grains keep blood sugar balanced and thus energy stays constant
  • Whole grains release sugar at a slow and constant speed.
  • Sugar spikes blood sugar to a peak and then crashes to a low, destroying energy levels.

8. Eat healthy between meals

  • Unlike junk food, healthy foods (especially those with natural sources of protein, fiber, and carbs) will release energy over a prolonged period of time.
  • Try peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker or some yogurt with nuts.
  • Others: granola bar, trail mix, frozen berry smoothie, apple and peanut butter, nonfat yogurt, or mixed nuts.

9. Have a latte (Instead of just coffee)

  • A low-fat latte has milk (high in protein) which provides extra prolonged energy and calcium!
  • Throw in an ounce of almonds for a healthy fat that will make you feel good about spoiling yourself ;).

10. Have a Banana

  • They are high in potassium which is a key mineral in converting blood sugar into energy!

11. Eat some Nuts

  • The protein in nuts digests slowly and therefore your blood sugar stays steady and energy is long lasting (unlike sugars which spike and crash).

12. Berry It Up

  • Especially red, blue, and purple berries.
  • Color comes from anthocyanin’s, a power energy boosting antioxidant.
  • All berries help fight fatigue.

13. Have Some Chocolate

  • Just a lil, will give you a quick endorphin buzz plus chocolate contains caffeine!
  • Go with dark chocolate for a healthier and more energizing effect (it has higher concentrations of caffeine than milk chocolate).

14. Sip on Green Tea

  • Has the stimulants: caffeine and theanine, which calms you and leaves the mind clear.
  • A clear mind is one that leaves your energy supply untouched!



1. Increase Physical Activity, Take a Walk!

  • Can be done anywhere with little equipment.
  • Research has proven this to work.
  • Energy boosting side effects last for to two hours!
  • Regular exercise has been proven to boost overall daily energy levels.

2. Yoga

  • Can help regain energy.
  • The stretching, slow controlled movements, and focus on breathing reduces energy stealing tension and stress.
  • Makes you feel more relaxed and mentally sharper.

3. Work Out in the Morning

  • Instead of going after work (when you’re already exhausted) try it in the A.M.
  • Working out in the morning provides energy that lasts all day.
  • The morning exercise gets endorphins’ flowing which makes you happy and productive for the rest of the day.

4. Get more Cardio (Aerobics)

  • Builds stamina and endurance.
  • Takes care of two of your most vital organs: heart and lungs.
  • Gets blood pumping and gives immediate energy.
  • Do it long term for constant daily energy.


Quick And Easy Energy Solutions

1. Drink ICE Cold Water

  • The shock will give you a bolt of energy
  • For same effect, pour it down your pants if preferred 😀
  • Or splash it on your face! (Shocks sensory neurons and wakes you)

2. Pour Cold Water Over Each Wrist

  • Gets your blood circulating.

3. Take Deep Breaths

  • Helps body regain awareness
  • Delivers more oxygen to the bloodstream, oxygen = fuel = energy!

4. Wear Bright Colors

  • This will project a positive mood to others and in return they will reciprocate that mood to you!
  •  Wearing bright, happy colors means you will receive more bright happy attitudes from those around you resulting in an improved mood and energy.
  • Dark somber colors result in receiving dark somber attitudes…

5. Wash Your Face

  • Makes you feel more awake and alert
  • Be sure to get those sleepy seeds out of your eyes!

6. Eat a mint

  • Or mint gum
  • The crisp smell of a mint boosts your alertness and triggers your trigeminal nerves which results in a more energized you.

7. Put on a Clean Pair of Socks

  • Bring a pair of extra socks to work and change them midway through the day.
  • You will feel much fresher and as though a new day has just begun.

8. Flirt

  • Harmless (keep it innocent) and effective
  • Amore gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
  • So flirt for more energy!

9. Relax to a Game

  • A game keeps your mind working (more so than TV for example) but does not zap your energy like the stresses of work.
  • So go ahead and relax to a quick game of Sudoko or Facebook Scrabble!

10. Have a Laugh

  • Nothing will get the energy ball rolling like a good laugh.
  • Laughing regularly will boost your mood and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • So seek out funny friends, subscribe to a daily e-mail joke, watch a comedy, or find a joke based website.

11. Give yourself a massage

  • This stimulates energizing acupuncture points and gives a quick mental boost.
  • Try massaging your ears or hands right now for 30 seconds!

12. Get More Daylight

  • Sunlight contains Vitamin D and also helps your brain to release chemical such as serotonin which are vital to boosting mood and energy.
  • Aim for 20-30 minutes a day.

13. Aromatherapy

  • Try lemongrass, citrus (orange, lemon, lime), peppermint, or lavender scented candles (or any other means of producing smell).
  • These aromas have been proven to increase alertness and productivity.
  • This is great if your work an office job where the aroma can be set all day.

14. Listen to Some Music

  • Nothing works better for me than rocking out to some of my favorite songs.
  • Find ways to incorporate music into your daily chores and activities.
  • Dishes, homework, yard work, laundry, and cleaning are all boring, now add music: all enticing!
  • Can give a quick boost of adrenaline.

15. Take a Power Nap

  • 15-30 minutes tops
  • Reverses the mind-numbing effects of information overload.
  • Helps us better retain what we have learned.


Energy Zapping Zombies – Things To Limit or Avoid

1. Limit TV Time

  • More time spent being sedentary = more time feeling tired
  • Watching four hours of TV a day means an average of 150 less steps during that time, which results in slow and steady weight gain.
  • Extra weight wears you down, think about wearing an extra 15 pound backpack all day, wouldn’t you get tired more quickly!?

2. Avoid Energy Drinks

  • These will give you a temporary high from sugar and then you will crash out cold shortly after.
  • They are extremely harmful to your health (especially your heart).

3. Limit Stressful Situations

  • They deplete energy and use up energy.
  • Stressful situations can leave you physically and mentally exhausted.
  • They erode energy levels and you will begin to notice yourself doing less.

4. Avoid Procrastinating

  • Putting off tasks simply depletes you of time and motivation.
  • Get the work done ASAP, and spend the rest of your time enjoying life!

5. Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

  • Though it may feel like you are sleeping better this “nightcap” is only an illusion.
  • Drinking alcohol 3-4 hour before bed results in your body getting less REM sleep (the good kind, “deep sleep”), and therefore not being as well rested the next day.

6. Stop Smoking

  • Ex-smokers often report an energy boost of 3 times once they quit smoking.
  • This is because nicotine affects your sleep and does not allow you to rest as well as a non-smoker.
  • You wake up tired and frustrated so you have a smoke to give you energy and the energy depleting cycle repeats (over and over).

7. Give the Cell Phone a Break

  • Increases anxiety levels by placing more demands on you throughout the day.
  • Can distract you and pull your energy away from a project you are working on at the moment.



1. Express Emotions

  • Bottling up emotions and keeping them concealed takes a lot of energy, thus leaving us with less.
  • A healthy person feels and expresses a wide array of emotions daily, including our favorite: happiness.

2. Vent for a short time and stop obsessing

  • Overanalyzing co-workers comments, fights with your partner, or the meaning of text messages from friends simply stresses us out and zaps away our energy.
  • It becomes a vicious cycle of stress which leaves us more anxious and exhausted.
  • So find someone you trust and let it all out (vent it away), then drop it and let it go.

3. Spend less time Criticizing, Condemning, and Complaining

  • These items are negative in nature
  • While they seem to bring about a twisted pleasure they actually just make you feel worse about yourself and drained or even depressed.
  • These actions can also bring down the moods and energy of those around you L.
  • How many times have you said something bad about someone and then regretted it later?

4. Spend Some Time with Mother Nature

  • Enjoying nature’s beauty can relieve energy-destroying stress.

5. Partake in a Mini-Meditation

  • Find a quiet place and begin taking slow, deep breaths and concentrate on somewhere you find peaceful.
  • 3 minutes later you will feel calmer and more energized.

6. Be Happy

  • Yes, being happy helps people gain constant daily energy
  • We have plenty of tips for that here at, read our post, chat in the discussion forum, or try a quick happiness fix here!


To-Do List and Organization

1.  Knock Out Small Tasks First

  • Makes you feel like you are getting more done
  • Helps get the ball rolling on being productive
  • Saves your energy for those big tasks later

2. Knock Out The To-do List!

  • Small reoccurring problems (like a broken toilet or misconfigured printer) can be more emotionally draining over the long haul than major life trauma like losing a job or getting divorced.
  • Knock out these little annoyances quickly and as soon as they arise, otherwise they will zap your energy day by day a little at a time.
  • Low grade chronic stress from these items can cause your body to adapt a system of constantly producing energy thieving stress hormones.

3. Get Organized

  • That way you do not have to burn mental energy trying to remember a bazillion things a day.
  • Allows you to own your time and productivity.

4. Less Is More

  • Clean up your room or desk
  • By having less objects visible in your visual field, your body will feel more relaxed and in return you will have less stress and more energy (this one worked for me!).

5. Go to bed! Wake up early and finish those tasks when you’re well rested.

  • You are more productive after a good night’s sleep.
  • Results in better quality of work.


Last But Certainly Not Least

1. Sleep Right

  • Set your internal body clock! Go to bed and wake at the same time each day!
  • 7-9 hours a night, amount is individual in nature, see what works best for you
  • Avoid environmental distractions – lights, sounds, television, dogs, etc.
  • Sleeping right will reduce fatigue and your odds of getting sick.

2. Have more Sex

  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Releases chemicals in the brain that produce energy
  • Gives you one heck of an endorphin rush!

3. Socialize

  • Humans are social animals, to keep peak health and energy regular socializing is a must.
  • And it must be natural to meet the need (we’re not talking about social networking sites or texting folks!).
  • So go and hang out with your friends!

4. If it’ Constant and Serious Have Your Thyroid Function and Complete Blood Cell Count Checked!

  • Simple blood test can identify
  • These are some (amenia being another for women) common medical reasons for continual fatigue.
  • If red blood cells are low, you will be not feel energized because red blood cells deliver to your body! (And this is our natural fuel!)


What Tricks Do You Use to Get More Energy?

This is an ongoing list, so let us know of tricks you use in the comments, we’d all love to hear them!

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