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How to Get More Energy – 55 Ways and Counting

“How do I get more energy?” you ask. Simple! Try one or more of our ideas to increase your energy.

Get More Energy
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Do we expect you to try all of them? Of course not! That would be overwhelming and remember we’re about happiness here. So try the ones that sound like the most fun or make the most sense to you! 

Why energy level is vital to happiness.

Think about it, when you have more energy it is much easier to do those things that make you a happier person. It becomes easier to exercise, easier to hold your temper, easier to go out of your way to help someone else, easier to pack up all that equipment and take the family on an enjoyable camping trip, and so on. So come on folks let’s get started on creating our own happiness energy!

55 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level And Thus Increase Your Happiness


1. Increase your Magnesium Intake

2. Get a fiber rich cereal

3. Have some fruit for breakfast

4. Eat Breakfast

5. Avoid skipping meals

6. Drink Lots of Water

7. Eat More Whole Grains (Less sugar)

8. Eat healthy between meals

9. Have a latte (Instead of just coffee)

10. Have a Banana

11. Eat some Nuts

12. Berry It Up

13. Have Some Chocolate

14. Sip on Green Tea



1. Increase Physical Activity, Take a Walk!

2. Yoga

3. Work Out in the Morning

4. Get more Cardio (Aerobics)


Quick And Easy Energy Solutions

1. Drink ICE Cold Water

2. Pour Cold Water Over Each Wrist

3. Take Deep Breaths

4. Wear Bright Colors

5. Wash Your Face

6. Eat a mint

7. Put on a Clean Pair of Socks

8. Flirt

9. Relax to a Game

10. Have a Laugh

11. Give yourself a massage

12. Get More Daylight

13. Aromatherapy

14. Listen to Some Music

15. Take a Power Nap


Energy Zapping Zombies – Things To Limit or Avoid

1. Limit TV Time

2. Avoid Energy Drinks

3. Limit Stressful Situations

4. Avoid Procrastinating

5. Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

6. Stop Smoking

7. Give the Cell Phone a Break



1. Express Emotions

2. Vent for a short time and stop obsessing

3. Spend less time Criticizing, Condemning, and Complaining

4. Spend Some Time with Mother Nature

5. Partake in a Mini-Meditation

6. Be Happy


To-Do List and Organization

1.  Knock Out Small Tasks First

2. Knock Out The To-do List!

3. Get Organized

4. Less Is More

5. Go to bed! Wake up early and finish those tasks when you’re well rested.


Last But Certainly Not Least

1. Sleep Right

2. Have more Sex

3. Socialize

4. If it’ Constant and Serious Have Your Thyroid Function and Complete Blood Cell Count Checked!


What Tricks Do You Use to Get More Energy?

This is an ongoing list, so let us know of tricks you use in the comments, we’d all love to hear them!

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