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Grumpy to Great: 5 Benefits You’ll Gain by Designing A Morning Routine

Do you hate your mornings?

The rush, the grogginess, the end of bliss.

What if you could make morning the best part of your day?

Well then I’d ask you to put a saddle on my pig so I could fly it to Jupiter.

It sounds far-fetched, but it’s true. Mornings can be so personalized, so zen, so you, and it’s a shame that most people miss out on it.

Do you currently have a morning routine? I mean other than bopping snooze 6 times and dancing around the house like a drunken ape who’s in a race with the clock.


What if you could create the time to do all that awesome shtuff you’ve always want to do, but thought you didn’t have the time for? Like exercising, meditating, or ice fishing?

In an ironic ignorance, we give the best hours of our day to our jobs. What if you gave those best hours to yourself? To things that matter most to you. Things that would enhance your energy, focus, intellect, health, and happiness?

You can, so pretty please, stop wasting the best hours of your life!

All you need is to create a morning routine. One composed of life enhancing habits, habits that you choose, that are fun, that you want to do.

If you’ve never created a life recipe card, here’s how. Just follow those easy steps to create one for your morning routine. It’s a fun little 8 minute project, that’ll get you in touch with your inner artist.

Here’s What You Have to Look Forward To:

1. Having time to incorporate all those life enhancing habits you’ve been wanting into your day.

2. The benefits of those habits: energy, concentration, happiness, better sleep, reflection, comprehension, calm, intelligence, etc. I don’t know what you’ll pick, but I do know the benefits will be awesome. Unless you completely suck at picking awesome things.

3. Feeling proud of yourself all day long. You’ll be able to reflect on whatever positive things you accomplish in the morning, rather than spending your day dreading having to do them in the evening.


How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life. -Louise L. Hay

5. Giving your best hours to yourself. Starting the day in a quite, peaceful, and tranquil space.

If you’ve not worked on any other habits, this is the best place to start. I use my mornings to jog 3 miles, write for an hour, eat breakfast, and just be myself.

By starting my day doing what I love and what’s important for me, my life has become a whole lot better.

If you do create the recipe card, please share your beautifully unique art! 

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