Guest Post Guidelines

help spread happiness by writting a guest post

In order to quickly improve world-wide happiness, I have made a place where anyone can contribute!

So you’re ready to write. How do you submit a guest post or happiness story?

It’s simple, write something that tugs at your heart strings. Make sure it’s something you can be proud to stand behind and that you pour yourself into your writing.

It could be a “how-to” post, a happiness story, or just your thoughts and perspectives on happiness. The main goal of your writing should be to create a happier or more enlightened reader by the time they finish reading your post.

If you need ideas – just scan!

Submission Guidelines

  • Keep the post around 500-800 words.
  • Provide original, personal, and honest work. (That means no plagiarism and it must not be published anywhere else on the web)
  • Send the post in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Make sure you have proof read it a couple of times, if the writing is of poor quality it will not be published.
  • Email the post to write(AT)how-tobehappy(DOT)com with the title in ALL CAPS: “GUEST POST”.
  • Include a one paragraph bio of yourself, as well as a picture (this will be included in your post).
  • Give yourself a pat on the back, you just did a great deed for humanity!

I look forward to reading what you write and genuinely appreciate your interests in sharing, spreading, and supporting happiness. Thank you for helping make a difference.


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