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Help Spread Happiness by Writing a Guest Post

 help spread happiness by writting a guest post

So who writes for

Me, you say?

Sure, but that’s not the whole story. You may have noticed while reading posts or happiness stories,  that sometimes I give a shout out to the contributor.

In order to make the best resource for celebrating and moving happiness forward – I have made it a place for anyone to contribute/share their life experiences.

Happiness and individuals have two things in common – they are extremely complex!

It’s crazy, but I may write something that completely resonates with one person, while it does nothing at all for another. Why? Probably because my life path and theirs look nothing alike.

However, you might share a story or create a post from your perspective – and “Wha-la”, the person leaves feeling enlightened, hopeful, and happy.

So why become a happiness contributor?

Honestly the list is endless, but let me highlight a few of the essentials:

1. You will change someones life. (I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve received a comment or e-mail from someone thanking me for the impact that something I wrote had on them.)

2. You get to give back to the world and make it a better place for us to live in.

3. You will harness good karma.

4. You’ll make yourself happier – writing a happiness story warps your brain into focusing on the positives in life. Not only that but you’ll also experience all of the benefits I mentioned in this post on volunteering.

5. You’ll make me happy.

Are you an aspiring writer or have your own website?

6. I will post your name, website (if you have one), small photo, and short description along with your article.

7. You will gain exposure to my readers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.

8. You will have a place online to send friends, family, co-workers, and even potential clients/employers – to show off your writing skills (or noble volunteerism).

9. You will learn more about blogging, writing, and website development through helping us (yes, when someone does a nice thing for my readers, I like to return the favor).

10. You’ll become a part of something bigger than yourself, earn your boy/girl scout points for the day, and change the world.

So you’re ready to write. How do you submit a guest post or happiness story?

It’s simple, write something that tugs at your heart strings. Make sure it’s something you can be proud to stand behind and that you pour yourself into your writing.

It could be a “how-to” post, a happiness story, or just your thoughts and perspectives on happiness. The main goal of your writing should be to create a happier or more enlightened reader by the time they finish reading your post.

If you need ideas – just scan!

Submission Guidelines

I look forward to reading what you write and genuinely appreciate your interests in sharing, spreading, and supporting happiness. Thank you for helping make a difference.

TJ Chasteen Founder

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