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How a Cottonball Changed My Life

how a cottonball changed my life

I am a mobile home park manager. Two weeks ago I headed out into the field to evaluate the rebuild of one of the park owed homes. All of a sudden I heard the screeching of tires behind me. I turned to look and out of no where this little gray streak ran up my pant leg, then half way up my body before it went to fall down. Instinctively I grabbed at the object and caught it. Once I had it securely in my hands, I saw it was a baby kitten. It climbed the rest of the way up my sweater and nested on my shoulder. I pulled it back to take a look and I found the most beautiful green eyed girl staring back at me.

Seeing she was just a tiny thing, about eight weeks old, I softly gained a better hold on her and nestled her to my chest. She wiggled free and again climbed back onto my shoulder and tucked her head under my chin.

I had been debating about adopting another pet, such as a cat, but my fiance had doubts since I’ve had allergic reactions to other cats. I carried that little fluff ball around most of the day at work on my shoulder. Stopping from time to time to offer a gentle caress or scratching behind the ears.

It was not long before it was decided by both her and I that she would become part of the family. Now to tell my fiance we had a cat! Giving it little thought I came up with the perfect plan.

My daughter had been staying a couple weeks with us until her sprained ankle healed. She and my fiance had a knack for pulling jokes on each other. So thinking how fond my fiance was of my daughter, I put her up to calling him and delivering the good news. That was all it took, we now officially have a new pet. We named her Rosie after her cheery disposition.

Rosie quickly became the new center of attention as she is a very affectionate kitten and quite playful. She is always getting into things and pouncing on us whenever we walk by her.

A couple mornings ago, I was still laying in bed as my fiance was getting up for work. As he walked through the kitchen, I heard him let out a yell, “Youch! Dang it Rosie!” I instantly knew what happened. Our sweet Rosie likes to nest on the kitchen chairs under the table. As my fiance went to walk by, she pounced on his bare feet. Seeing the image of him grabbing his foot and yelling out made me grab the pillow and bury my face as I was laughing hard and loud. A few moments later that little gray streak jumped on my bed and safely hid herself in the covers with me.

At lunch time, I got a phone call, my fiance had been thinking of that little gray fur ball attacking him. That evening when he came in Rosie had a new scratching post and we both had new house shoes.

Rosie has brought a lot of joy into our lives, as she is quite the prankster. Adopting a kitten or an older cat is a great way to bring a lot of love and happiness into a person’s life.


Malissa Stidham

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