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How To Be Positive

The fact that you have decided to research ways in which to improve your outlook on life, makes me POSITIVE that your life is about to get a whole lot happier.

The simple fact of the matter is that our lives – who we are, how we see things, the way we live, and the way we feel – are all controlled by how we think.

Be Positive
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If you want to be happy… if you want to have a positive life, YOU CAN! But you must train yourself to be and think positively. (Our training advice is below.)

At the time I write this post there are roughly 7 BILLION people on this earth. I am here to tell you that there are also 7 BILLION different realities of life. The way you view the world is completely different than any other person’s view. It’s all a of matter of perspective and yes it’s true that you do not always have control over the external circumstances in your life. It’s true that you cannot control the outer universe… but you can, with some effort, control your inner universe.

You CAN control your inner world of thoughts, and you can control the lenses from which you view life. Be positive and create your good, happy life from within.

12 Training Techniques to make you a Positive Person

1. Try this! Gratitude Rock – Find an object, could be a rock, could be anything special… and place it in your pocket. Every day when you empty your pockets, think about 5 things you are really grateful for, and really consider the reasons why. In the morning when you place the object in your pocket do the same. This way you start and end the day on a very positive note.

2. Try this! Friends and Family Appreciation – Find a time that is semi-routine every day to take a moment and appreciate any friends and family that you have. This time could be anything; when you’re driving to work, when you’re eating breakfast, or when you’re sitting on the John! Think of the people in your life and how their existence is helpful to you. Really consider everything they do for you and the good that comes from this relationship.

3. Make Motivation – Search, search, search for something, ANYTHING that motivates you! If you can find a reason to get motivated, a reason to wake-up and tackle the day, you will feel much more positive internally. If you can think of nothing, think of the simple fact that each day you are growing and learning as a person. You are getting better and learning from your past experiences.

4. Punt The Past – Whatever you do, you must train yourself to accept, forgive, and ultimately drop the past (unless you are reminiscing on the good times). The past is a virus, it distorts how we see the present. So we should learn to turn our mind off when it wishes to wallow in the pain of the past and instead direct it to the here and now! If one is not living in the present, are they living at all?

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”-Babatunde Olatunji

5. Set Goals – Give your life direction and purpose by setting goals. Start with small goals that can be easily achieved. Remember, goals are things you want verses worry (please avoid) which or things you do not want. Focus on the wants (positives) instead of the don’t wants (negatives). That way when you reach a goal you have that much more reason to feel positive and happy. Having a means to an ends, or feeling a purpose or reason for the actions you take daily has a profound effect on your positivity.

6. Avoid Negative Nancy’s – We all know someone who is always griping, moaning, and complaining. Heck, perhaps it’s us (which is ok, because we’re working to change it). Do whatever you can to avoid these types of entities! They will rub off on you and bring you to believe in their sour unhappy perspective of the world. If this person is someone you must spend time with or that you care about, limit your time and do your best to toss some positive life outlook their way.

7. Promote Positivity – Do everything you can to surround yourself with positivity! Listen to positive music, hang with positive people, watch comedies, decorate your house with positive images, and of course smile.

8. Try this! Carry A Quote – Find a quote, motto, or saying that really uplifts your spirits! Write this quote down and put it in your purse or wallet. If you’re tech savvy put it in your smart phone. Anytime you are feeling negative or need a shot of positivity read your quote for an instant remedy.

9. Try this! Positive Morning Mirror – Every morning stare into the mirror for a moment and think of three physical qualities you really appreciate about yourself. Your button nose, your bright blue eyes, your smile. Then go one step further and think about three internal traits you find appealing in yourself. The fact that you work hard, that you are there for others, or that you are polite. Yet again you have started your day with a POSITIVE spin.

10. The Pro’s and Con’s – Remember to look for the pro’s or “pluses” as my barber would say, in every situation. There will always, always, always be good things in a situation and bad things in a situation. It is your choice to train yourself to concentrate on those good things. Sure you may start off being sarcastic or cynical, but this is only a stepping stone to true transformation into a positive mindset. Is your glass half full or half empty.

11. Internal Dialogue – Internal dialogue is the chitter chatter that our mind is saying all day in our heads. Learn to be a witness of what your mind is saying, yet do not identify yourself with your mind! Realize that your mind and you are not one. Observe your mind and if you notice it is full of negativity, you have found the source that’s blocking your happiness and positivity.

“The mind can never find the solution, nor can it afford to allow you to find the solution, because it is itself an intrinsic part of the “problem.” Imagine a chief of police trying to find an arsonist when the arsonist is the chief of police.” – Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now

Just realize that you are unhappy and negative because of how your mind works, but the good news is you can change how your mind works. If your mind is saying, “My life blows!”, then this will be your perception and reality of life.

12. The Little Train That Could – All day long, fill your head with positive affirmations! Say, “I think I can!”, “I am very capable”, “I am positive”, “I am getting better” and so on. Being positive is just like anything else, you must practice to get better. Repeating positive messages will help erase the old bad internal dialogue in your head and replace them with new energizing messages that improve your life.

In Closing:

When you are able to think positively your entire world view will change and you will see things much more clearly and be able to enjoy so much more of the precious things in life.

Remember to not get lost in self-pity; you have the power (especially with the techniques above) to change your outlook and thus your situation. No matter how bad something is, you can always turn inward and decide how you will interpret and respond to it! We only get to live once, let’s make sure we get the most of it by being positive!

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Are there other strategies you know of that have worked for you? Can you tell us how this post has benefited your life?

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