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How to Be Happy Even When You’re Sad

how to be happy even when you are sad

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I hope you are reading this post because you are currently sad and are looking for some relief.

I certainly know how it feels to be sad – as unfortunate as it is, life brings sad moments – I wrote this post out of my want to help you overcome your sadness.

If you are currently feeling blue try one  of the following to give yourself a break from being sad.

How to Be Happy Even When You’re Sad

Talk to someone… anyone! – It is probably the absolute last thing you want to do right now. I know because I’ve been there! But trust me when I say that once you finish that phone call or visit you will feel SO much better.

If you are worried about dragging other people down, at the very least call your mom or support figure – if you have absolutely no one to talk to, at least talk your emotions through to your pet. No pet? – Buy a goldfish it’ll be worth the investment!

Emotions are not tangible and when you verbalize them into something concrete it is going to result in one of two things.

1) You will realize why you are sad and be able to start DOING something about it.

2) You will realize that the circumstances aren’t as bad as you thought and start to feel better.

The sign of an intelligent person is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason. – Marya Mannes

And if you don’t believe me guess what? You can’t prove me wrong until after you give it a shot – at which time you will find I am most certainly right!


Do something positive – I don’t care what you do, but for goodness sake do something good for yourself. You certainly deserve it and a time like now is the appropriate time to take care of YOU. If you don’t have the money to go on a shopping spree or buy baseball tickets that’s okay.

At the very least buy yourself a chocolate bar, watch a good comedy (anything to make you laugh is key), or partake in your favorite hobby. Some of life’s greatest pleasures are the simplest. I assume you have simple pleasantries in life but if not, now’s the time to find them!


Channel your emotions – Emotions pack energy with them. Try to transfer your sadness to a more motivating emotion. This new emotion can be uplifting but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Let’s say you’re sad because someone broke up with you, transfer that sadness to anger. Think of something to change your strong emotion of sadness into one that is more spunky, “that @#$^* didn’t deserve me anyhow, I can’t believe the way (s)he treated me!”.

Next harness that energy from the new motivating emotion and use it to get you moving! This can be done a few different ways.

1) Exercise – take a 30 minute cardio session of boxing on your pillow or for the adventurous go on a long, hard run. The exercise will release “feel-good” endorphins in your brain that will leave you with an amazing happy sensation – referred to as a “runner’s high”.

2) Write down all your thoughts on paper and then throw darts at it, light it on fire, or rip it to shreds. Do something to put closure on whatever it is that has made you sad. At the very least this will give you a temporary feeling of contentment and calm.


I realize that you may be dealing with something so large that it will make these tasks seem trivial. But do yourself a courtesy and at least give one a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I hope this post has helped you in some way and that you start feeling better soon!

What else makes you feel happy during times of sadness? Please share in the comments!

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