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How to Be Happy Everyday: Fix Unhappiness, Easy Goals, and Health

Hi there! This is the second post of my “How to Be Happy Everyday Series”. If you’ve missed my first post (with tips 1-3) I encourage you to start there: How to Be Happy Everyday: Good Vibrations, Acceptance, and Play. If you’d like to jump ahead feel free to read the final post (tips 7-10): How to Be Happy Everyday: Happiness Journal, Be You, Enhance, and Brighten. However keep in mind that these 10 Tips on Being Happy everyday are in no particular order, so you can start where ever you want!

My number 10. tip might be the one that super charges your happiness and my number 2. tip might do the trick for your best friend – each tip is obviously going to have a different impact depending on who’s trying it.

Isn’t it cool when the days that are supposed to feel good, actually do? – Jim Carrey

10 Tips on Being Happy Everyday Continued

4. Whack Unhappiness Out of Your Life

How to Be Happy Everyday Part 2

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Unhappiness is something we are never taught about; we are taught to expect happiness, but never a Plan B to use when the happiness doesn’t arrive. – Doug Coupland

Unhappiness and happiness have trouble fitting in the same space. I have found that sometimes it’s more critical to focus on solving what’s creating unhappiness – which in turn allows more room for happiness to flow.

So instead of focusing on happiness, I want you to focus on what makes you unhappy. Take a minute and brainstorm some things that are currently bringing you down. Ideas could be – looks, money, job, relationships, global warming, the lack of good Presidential candidates, so on and so forth.

If you are currently feeling unhappy but you can’t quite put your finger on the cause, that’s okay just keep digging within – until you do identify something. Also be patient, you might be able to think of something superficial right off the cuff (it’s cold outside), but it could take days to discover the real underlying issue (this time of the year reminds me of my grandpa who passed away last year).

Once you figure out what the cause is, you’re in business! Start off with the biggest happiness drainer.

For the selected sadness producer think of five ways you could destroy it. View it as an advanced enemy who has attacked you from within. Fight internally to bring positive emotions to the battle and help cure this unhappiness.

For example, during an unhappy period of my life I realized the surface cause was that I was lonely, isolated, and broke. The bigger issue was the fact that I was unemployed. So I jotted down the following ways I could cure my daily unhappiness.

#1 – Get a job (I already knew this could take awhile, because I was currently job searching). So I continued the list to keep me happy during the meantime.

#2 – Volunteer (this would solve the loneliness and isolation).

#3 – Substitute teach (for the few days I was asked each week – I had money to survive on).

#4 – Job search and send out resumes for at least four hours a day (this gave me a sense of control and direction in my life).

#5 – Appreciate the time off as life won’t always be this way (turned a negative perspective to a positive).

You may even want to take advice from Tip #5 below and set “easy” goals to help get you closer to overcoming the unhappiness you are currently working on. If the unhappiness is verging on the edge of depression I recommend you read my post: Treat Depression Naturally By Adding These 6 Behaviors Into Your Life.

5. Set “Easy” Goals

How to be happy everyday in life.

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There is no achievement without goals. – Robert J. McKaine

You heard me right, set easy daily goals. This does two things – it gives you a sense of control and a feeling of accomplishment.

Setting the goal gives you direction and lets you know what you are shooting for – which results in far less anxiety than walking around aimlessly with no direction.

By setting easy goals, you get to feel confident and proud of yourself every day when you reach them. If you set a really hard goal that is nearly impossible to reach, all you are doing is setting yourself up to feel discouraged if it doesn’t work out.

If you are an over-achiever (that’s great) – it’s okay to set challenging deadlines. However, I recommend that you break up these tougher goals into smaller goals that can be easily achieved one step at a time.

6. Heathy = Happy

be happy everyday

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Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. – Albert Schweitzer

So you’ve probably heard the phrase at the YMCA – “Body, mind, and spirit”. The YMCA is the largest community service organization in the world and that phrase is their mission. That should tell you something about the importance of your health. It’s not just about adding more years (quantity) – it’s about adding more joy to your life (quality). Ask yourself, are you currently taking care of your body, mind, and spirit?

Oftentimes, I have found that I get so consumed with work (that wonderful priority) that I neglect my health. When this happens, I notice myself feeling groggy day-after-day and caring less about the thrills life has to offer. Through research I’ve realized how ridiculous it is to make health a low priority.

Health is the only way you can take care of yourself. While there are tons of ways to increase your health and thus your happiness, I recommended focusing on the three below to get started:

Sleep – Did you know lack of sleep is a common cause of depression, accidental injury, and loss productivity? You’ll want to shoot for 7-8 hours a night, during the same time period if possible.

Exercise – Your body is your vehicle that drives everything else. Even if you are good on mental, social, and spiritual health, those areas will suffer if you don’t find the time to take care of your vital organs.

Have you ever noticed how great you feel mentally (sore and tired, would be physically!) after exercising? Keep it up for a few weeks and you will really begin feeling good about yourself day-to-day. I recommend you exercise in the morning. Morning exercise allows you to be feel proud all day long once your finished – instead of feeling dread all day knowing you have to exercise later.

Food – Are you fueling your body with premium or unleaded? You deserve the best, put the best in your body. Fruits, veggies, dairy, meat, and bread is the combination you need each day for optimum function. Sure you can survive on a different ratio, but just like your car – who knows what’s being destroyed behind what the eye can see.

For each of these three areas in your health that you currently aren’t taking care of, there is a pool of happiness just waiting to splash back into your life!

[This is the second post of my How to Be Happy Everyday Series. To see the first post please visit: How to Be Happy Everyday: Good Vibrations, Acceptance, and Play, to see the final post please visit: How to Be Happy Everyday: Happiness Journal, Be You, Enhance, and Brighten.]

In Conclusion:

To begin feeling happy everyday:

1st – Fix unhappiness.

2nd – Set easy goals that you can reach.

3rd – Make sure you sleep, eat, and exercise the healthy way!

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