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How to Be Happy Single and Alone: 5 Indispensable Ways

how to be happy single and alone

You want to know how to be happy single and alone, and I want to help! This topic means a lot to me because my papaw (my hero) lived his entire adult life single and alone. I wish I could go back and ask him more about it but I do know he was someone who was very content with life. I am not suggesting you will be single and alone forever like he was, but I am suggesting that you can be very happy in the meantime.

5 Indispensable Ways to be Happy Single and Alone

1. Don’t listen to coupled people

Except me of course. I cannot stand the way coupled people act towards single people! How annoying it must be to constantly hear praise – “good for you” or empathy – “you’re special, anyone would be lucky to have you”, or even criticism – “when are you ever going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend?”.

Coupled people make it seem like in order to be normal you must have a partner – but that’s hogwash. Today people are waiting later and later to get married and half of them get divorced! Who’s to say that your not just ahead of your time?

2. Count the pro’s

The first thing I’d recommend you do, is to take a quick look at the situation from another angle. Being single does have its advantages! If only I could go back to watching my favorite shows, going anywhere without “consulting” first, and leaving the toilet seat down…

I know you made your way to this post because the cons were overwhelming, but why not give the pros column a gander? See how many good things you can think up about being single and keep those positives in mind.

If you are newly single and worried, take a deep breath and relax (I’ve been there). Life is full of phases, you just have to do your best to ride the wave you’re on.

3. Be a butterfly

A social butterfly that is. Even if you are not a very social person at least seek out opportunities to be around people. Human beings are a type of “social-animal”, like wolves and dolphins; in order for us to feel optimal biologically we need to be around other apes like us.

Maybe doing computer work at the library is enough for you (and me) or maybe you’re the type of person who needs to seek out and attend every social gathering to speak of. Just because you are alone at home doesn’t mean you have to live your life alone.

4. Get a pet

When seeking companionship my papaw went out and bought a dog. Pets have been proven to provide health benefits in studies performed with seniors whose spouses have passed away. I think of my dog Oscar as “organic happiness”. He gets juiced-up to see me when I come home, is a great snuggle buddy at night, and a constant companion.

If things feel really bad right now, here’s your excuse to run to the pet store!

5. Scream freedom

Look, you’re single, meaning you are free! Get involved in as many things that YOU like while you still can. Take up every hobby and join every club that you have time for. Do these things that make you happy to keep yourself away from isolation at home. If you are out and about doing the things you enjoy then I doubt you’ll have time to feel unhappy about being single.

In Conclusion

Being single and alone isn’t weird and doesn’t mean you can not be happy.

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