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How to Commit – Solved

Here’s the news, you are going to either really love this post or really hate it! And here’s why… you are already the master of commitment! Right now you are committed to loads of things, so let me teach how to identify your commitments and rearrange your life so that you can adjust your commitments to those you find most IMPORTANT!

Try this first! Before reading any further take a quick moment and write down (type up) five to ten things you think you are committed to. Then proceed!

The definition of commitment is an obligation, promise, etc. that restricts one’s freedom of action. In other words, commitments are things that you are invested in fully – not just with time, but also energy and life. To better your life and ensure happiness, we can trick this notion of commitment.

Restricting freedom, sounds scary and quite frankly it is. But the good news is we can work the system! If we rearrange our commitments to things we love and have fun doing, then sure we are still restricted to doing those things, but it our controlled version of restriction.

Instead of letting commitments control us, let’s control them: Here’s how!

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. – Unknown

Try this second! Take three minutes and write or type the ten things you spend most of your time doing. Look at these item’s and narrow it down to the five things you spend most of your time doing. Bada-bing! You have just identified your commitments.

Do these commitments look like the commitments you identified first? I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. Mine certainly didn’t. I found out that I need to take action to arrange my commitments so that I am spending more time with friends. This is something that is important to me and I know will make me more happy. I hope you found a similar quirk, that you can work on!

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My Try this first!

1. My friends and family

2. My health

3. My website

My Try this second!

1. Teaching in the school (<10 hours a day)

2. Family (I haven’t been spending near as much time with friends)

3. Better education skills (I read at least 1 hour a day minimum)

The reason this happens is because sometimes we think we are committed to doing things that we like or are invested in for a greater good. But the reality is that sometimes we find ourselves mixed up in commitments that we never agreed too! How’d that happen? The answer is irrelevant, what does matter is that we can do something about it!

Six Steps on How to Commit

Step 1. Current commitments: Identify your commitments, and rank them according to time spent.

Step 2. Ideal commitments: Identify what you want your commitments to be, and rank these by happiness.

Step 3. Realize your commitments are limited: Realize that there is not enough time and energy to maintain more than five realistic commitments at one time.

Step 4. Sort your commitments:

Choice A – Start with one commitment you would like to move from the “Ideal Commitments” to the “Current Commitments”. At the same time then pick a “Current Commitment” that can be dropped.

Choice B – Choose one commitment from the “Current Commitments” that you would like to bring up a rank or two. Pick another commitment that you would like to bring down a rank or two.

Step 5. Plan: Take a few minutes and write down a small but manageable plan and goal to accomplish this desire.

Step 6. Reward: Every time one goal is met, take a moment to pride/reward yourself, then plan and set the next goal, until your commitments line up the way you want them too!

When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible. – Unknown

How have your commitments increased or decreased your happiness?

We want to know, please leave your answers and thoughts in the comments below!

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