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How to Discover Your Dreams and Make Them Come True Today

“If you can DREAM IT, You can do it.” – Walt Disney

Would you like to make your dreams come true while making your daily life more EXCITING? Could you use a nitrous boost of motivation and inspiration toward life?

Identifying your dreams and following the steps in this post is a sure-fire way to enhance your life and give meaning to all that you do!

“Follow your dreams, they know the way.”  – Kobe Yamada.


The only way you will achieve your dreams is to take one step toward them day-by-day. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Every day that you move an inch toward your dreams, you are a success! I will introduce you to a technique I use that makes each day important to me and allows me to celebrate my accomplishments daily. I learned this technique by reading the book The Slight Edge and thank the author Jeff Olson for this valuable insight and philosophy toward life. The motivation I have gained from this technique is the sole reason that I’m writing this at 5:00 am! By the end of this post I promise you, that you will be living your dream every day.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 Steps to Discover Your Dreams and Make Them Come True

1. Write them down.

The first step to realizing your dreams is to make them real! Make them physical; as long as they are floating around in your noggin they are not concrete. The second you articulate them and write them down you have made them real.

A. Write down your top 5 dreams. A dream can be as big or small as you’d like!

“No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.”

B. For each dream add details and deadlines.

Details: Make your dreams specific and vivid. They should be vivid enough that you can feel them with all of your senses and feel your emotion as if they have already come true.

Deadlines: The Pareto Principle explains that 80% of the work you complete will take place in the last 20% of the time available. A deadline will force you to take productive action today instead of pushing it off to the non-existent, “someday”. Set a deadline for each of your dreams, using smaller mini-deadlines if it is a long-term goal.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

C. Answer the following questions for each dream.

What is the consequence of neglecting this dream?

What will you have to sacrifice to achieve this dream?

[Most Important] What is the one daily discipline that you will do every day that will have the greatest impact on acquiring this dream?

This is where the magic happens! Success doesn’t come from great leaps but from tiny daily actions that are easy to do and compound day-to-day for great success. Take exercise for example, running 30 minutes today won’t do much, but when compounded daily over a month its effects are tremendous!

What is your plan to start?

This is the plan to get you out of the starting gate, rather than to the finish line. The plan that gets you to your dream won’t be the same as the one you begin with. That’s because in order to achieve your dreams you much constantly tweak your life through the process of plan, do, and review. Once you’re finished reviewingthe process repeats with a new plan.

Tip: It is helpful to try and identify at least one dream in each of the following areas: health, personal-development, relationships, finance, and career.

2. Look at your dreams every day.

Another reason you articulated your dreams and wrote them down is so that you can read them every day. Find a place to hang your dreams where you will be reminded to read them.

Reading your dreams daily keeps your mind from losing sight of your life purpose. By reading your dreams daily, you will begin to transform your subconscious mind. When taking this step the universe tends to have a way of creating opportunities for you to reach your dreams that you would have otherwise missed.

3. Review

At the end of everyday face yourself in the mirror. This part of the day will either make you feel extremely accomplished or light a fire under your hiney!

Here are two method’s I use (feel free to use one or both):

A. Checklist:

I have a checklist I use which list the answer for, “What is the one daily discipline that you will do every day that will have the greatest impact on acquiring this dream?” regarding each dream. Each day of the week right before bed I look at this checklist and am thrilled on the nights each daily discipline has a checkmark next to it. If I didn’t do one my daily disciplines, the not being able to check it off motivates me to stop slacking when I wake up the next day.

If you’d like the template for the checklist I’ve created leave me a comment below and I’ll email it! J

B. Journal:

I also answer the following questions in my journal each night.

What actions did you take today that made you successful (moved you forward)?

Dream 1: Develop a personal-development business?

Dream 2: Health?

Dream 3: Strong Relationships?

Dream 4: Be a fun, engaging, and inspiring teacher?

Dream 5: Own a nice house?

My answers are short and to the point, but if I did nothing, I write, “I did nothing”. This creates a burning passion in my heart the next day to not show up empty handed that night. If you are motivated by rewards, think of a small way to celebrate when you have lived all of your dreams for the day.

I like to think of the process of achieving your dreams like walking up a stair case. Your dreams are at the top and each day you do your daily discipline you have walked up one step. On a day that you forget to do your daily discipline you stay on the same stair case. However, if you forget to do your daily discipline for two days in a row you take one step back. No matter how small your daily discipline, it is progress and something to be proud of.

“Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only standing still.”

There you have it, these three tiny tweaks will invigorate your daily life and lead to the best life you can imagine. Every day that you take one step forward on the journey of your dreams, you are living them! Let your daily success inspire you and your dreams motivate you!

“Dreams are fuel of life, Bigger the Dreams, Bigger is the Life!” –Nadeem Kazi

What is your biggest dream? 🙂

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