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How to Not Take Life Too Seriously

Are you a worry-wart? A constant planner? Someone who always sets goals and works your butt off to achieve them? If so, it is time you learn how to not take life too seriously. I was once just like you and still am on some days. Recently I realized that while these qualities are sometimes great, they can also be destructive to your happiness.

Life’s a game, all you have to do, is know how to play it. – Anonymous

First Off Let’s Talk About Why:

This won’t take long. The reason that you should not take life too seriously is because:

1. It makes you miserable – which is not the purpose of this crazy thing called life. Much less is misery a good way to live.

2. It ruins your health – the stress and anxiety involved in taking life very seriously will indeed make it seriously short.

3. It takes too much energy – if you are busy trying to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish, then when will you have time or energy to exert towards the things in life that really matter?

Here’s How You Save Your Serious Self:

1. Know there’s no yesterday and no tomorrow – It is extremely important to digest this statement. The only day you will ever live is today, try your hardest to live yesterday or tomorrow and prepare to watch yourself fail. There really is no obstacle when living for today that you cannot overcome.

When you start to think about the future (I am extreme guilty of this), it is very easy to blow things out of proportion. How many times has something actually worked out exactly the way you had expected? Less than 1 out of 10 for me.

And research shows that we cannot trust our memory to give us accurate facts of the past. This is because when thinking of the past our brains are genetically engineered to fill in missing gaps. Ironically these gaps are altered by the way we currently feel, not the way we felt in that past moment. So live for today only and stop stressing so much about your perceived future or murky past!

Not Taking Life Too Seriously
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2. Realize that you are not an immortal – No matter how hard you bust your toosh to make those booku bucks, realize that you will die. You are not Dracula. The money, fame, success or whatever it is that you’re killing yourself everyday to get more of – will not come with you to the underworld. When you are lying on your deathbed will you be happy thinking about how much of “fill-in-the-blank” that you have obtained?

I can’t answer that, but for me I’d be extremely disappointed in obtaining more of anything over happy memories and moments with myself, family, and friends. Once again it comes down to living happily today for most days of your existence.

There really is no end goal, though you might feel like you are working toward some kind of finish line, once you get there you will realize another end goal will replace it. So back off a bit and enjoy the day to day. If you are someone who is always wishing time away in excitement for some future date (living for Friday?), I have news for you… the only true end date is your date with Mr. Grim Reaper.

Don’t take life too seriously… no one gets out alive anyway – from a bathroom wall at King Street Station, Seattle, WA

3. Tell yourself it’s okay to have fun – Maybe this one is just a personal lesson I learned, but if you feel a weird sense of guilt when having fun realize you are wrong! I always used to feel like if I wasn’t working or doing something productive then I was wasting my time.

Well the opposite was actually the truth, what’s the point in all the hard work and productivity? Isn’t it to create more free or fun time in the future? Those moments that you are having fun are the moments that you should feel proud of. Everyone measures success differently, but I believe the person who has had more fun and happy times is the most successful.

I could keep on going but that would require me to take this post and my life way too seriously!

Did I Leave Out Any Other Good Points?

The best way to learn is from each other and I know there is a wealth of knowledge within each of you. Please share any pointers you have in the comments below!

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