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How to Increase Happiness Through Humor

Humor is one of the greatest gifts you can share with another person. People will begin to value you if you are able share a joke and make them laugh and smile. Because humor is contagious, if you can make others happy it will rub off right back onto you.

Simply put, learning how to be funny or humorous plays no joke on your happiness level. This article lists 10 ways to increase your sense of humor, resulting in a funnier and happier you. You may find some ideas more helpful than others; it’s a matter of where your humor currently stands and who you are. This is because you’re unique, just like everyone else.

The Research Ramble: In a recent study on 70 elderly people it was proven that “humor therapy” (weekly exposure to humor) resulted in enhanced happiness and life satisfaction, relieved chronic pain, and reduced loneliness.

Humor has also been shown to result in the following health benefits:

With that being said here’s how you can increase your sense of humor and start getting the benefits today!

10 Ways to Increase Your Sense of Humor

  1. Watch sitcoms and comedies – You’ll learn and grow the more you see humor in front of you.
  2. Read (online or elsewhere) one joke a day – Then share it with someone, eventually you’ll you start feeling funny, one way or another.
  3. Realize people are creatures of emotion not logic! – Use “untruths” (otherwise known as lies) to appeal to their senses. If someone asks you what time is it, stay away from the logical answer, “3:47” and instead say something like, “sorry I don’t have the time to answer your question (**wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
  4. Practice twisting around the literal meaning of things – Turn meanings into sarcasm, humor, or puns. For examples, “Your dream story, was a real yawner”.
  5. Use the element of surprise – When things happen that are unexpected it is often found humorous. Do you get what I mean, farthead?
  6. Timing – Be sure you seize opportunities to be funny when they arise! Waiting too long or telling yourself no one will enjoy your joke is foolish. If it feels right it is right. Also don’t throw some humor when it uncalled for, this will just make you seem obnoxious. For example, someone’s cat on the verge of dying, you say, “let’s take him to the vet for a catscan”, not funny…
  7. Hang out with funny people not grouches – Laughter is contagious, your friends will make you smile and you will naturally begin sharing/practicing your type of humor with them.
  8. Make it a natural habit to smile and laugh – Studies have shown a fake smile and laugh can release feel good endorphins. If you get used to the habit the natural process will feel more natural and come easier.
  9. Pretend you are watching yourself – When you step back and imagine the situation as an observer would, you can often find humor in there somewhere. For example, I mix mine with imagery. I once was mad that my fiancé had left the cabinet doors open, when I viewed myself as an observer I placed a crown on my head and a mallet in my hand as though I was an angry king who was pouting over not having everything my way.
  10. Work-out your “humor muscles” – Practice, practice, practice. Practice seeing the funny side of life in everyday situations. Even if problems occur, try to see the funny side of it and laugh “with” yourself.

The process of becoming more humorous is a funny thing, because it will result in you taking a more positive perspective on the world.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be silly. It’s a great thing to laugh, play, have fun, relax, be happy, and enjoy your time with those around you. One of the greatest qualities people can have is a sense of humor. Wishing many funny and happy days in your future.

Please share your jokes and ideas on increasing humor in the comment box below, thank you!

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