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If You Can’t Have Fun in Life What’s the Point

This is a “short happy story”  I’d like to share. If you have a short happy story please share it here. Myself and the world want to hear it!

VROOM! A cop van WHIPS into the gas station where I am filling my gas tank. The man to the left jumps. “I iz sorrah officher!”, screams the old truck driver. The officer opens his door looks straight at me and… we both burst out laughing.

have fun in life
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If You Can’t Have Fun in Life What’s the Point

The truck driver is standing in front of the officer with his legs outstretched and his hands on his head. “Iz swhears I hasn’t bun drankin”, he slurs. “Nice one”, chuckles the officer as he goes in to pay for his gas. The smiling old man walked completely straight to the door of his car spotting my grin as he passed…

“Nice impression”, I complimented him. “Well the funniest thing about it is that I did that once before and the sheriff started to arrest me!”, he said. Obviously this guy had experience with creating these humorous scenes.

As he walked over to get something from the sixteen wheeled tanker while I was thinking how awesome it would be if everyone acted like this old man. He was willing to make a complete fool out of himself just to get a smile out of a few nearby strangers.

As I started to leave he looked over at me and said, “Hey, if you can’t have fun in life then what’s the point of living?”. Those words were so powerful, because of the truth inside them. If a life is lived without fun or happiness, what living takes place? Without having fun all one is doing is surviving, not living.

Lesson This Taught Me

No matter what you are doing or where you are you can have fun in life. This old fellow probably is driving a truck 23 days of the month and always at work, but boy did he know how to make the most of life!

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