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The Magic of the World

Something that will always keep me happy is realizing how magical our world really is. To experience this magic, I ask you to ask yourself are you present? Really present? Right here, right now? I hope so… because it’s the only way to see, feel, taste, hear, touch the magic!

Try this! Find a tree, flower, or other plant (perhaps a Venus Flytrap!) and spend a few minutes with it. Notice its beauty, its stillness, its magic. Don’t label this entity… forget what it is, forget that it is a plant, just imagine it as it is… something alive, something calm, something majestic. See the tree and consider for a moment the sacredness of its presence.

Now we can (and most of us do on a daily basis) use our mind to justify that this is not magic at all. For we all know the combination of water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight is the real reason a beautiful plant will grow and exist. But let me ask you, what is water? What is carbon dioxide? What is sunlight?

How can I be happy
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For the creation of water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight we again can come up with another snippy intellectual response. Which I of course do not know the scientific answer to!

The process can continue until we break it all the way down to atoms which are defined as the basic unit of matter.

But, here’s the real question, what is this atom? Is its existence not magical? How was it created? How about the combining of all the different “magical ingredients”, to make the plant?

“If we mix a pinch of hydrogen, with a stir of oxygen, wah la! We have water!”. “Now take a hint of sunlight, with a splash of water, and a smidgen of carbon dioxide, PRESTO! We have a sunflower!” – To me this sounds like something a witch might concoct in a Disney movie.

Zoom Zoom Far Out You Little Speckle

Heck zoom out for a second. Think of you and zoom out until the “camera” is in outer space. Do you see the magic yet? You are standing on a perfectly circular rock that is floating on the midst of vast nothingness! There is no up or down, you can continue to zoom out until you see many other “rocks” (planets), like the one you live on. They are all suspended in this black empty magic space and all know how to stay in their positions and move in the correct path. All this is magic, we can explain the magic, but that’s all we are doing is explaining how the magic works!

A plant or planet is just one example, how about the fact that YOU are here? You breathe, you think, you feel, you are present…

Why doesn’t this realization of magic seem more obvious?

Please understand it is our perception formulated by – science, culture, media, the “busy” lifestyle that dilute the magic of life.

I used to be a very methodical person, always on task, always thinking practically and trying my hardest to get things done. But then I realized something… All my work, all this energy and focus was keeping me distracted from actually living.

Viewing this very moment as a means to an end instead of a conscious moment, limits our lives tremendously.

Living in our minds, always wrapped up in what’s next or feeling concerned about the past keeps us out of the magic. It prevents us from the pleasure of experiencing this world, experiencing our lives.

“You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection – you cannot cope with the future.” -Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

To experience the magic you must live in this moment!

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Living in “the mind” or future where thoughts repeat and stress and anxiety build means that we are not living in the present moment.

Think of an office worker, when they wake-up, they take a shower and then drive off to work. Did they experience the magic or moment of the shower? Did they feel the heat relaxing their muscles or the calm of the water pouring down their back? Or were they thinking about work, already at the office (in their thoughts) and never really able to experience the shower at all?

“If you are not living in the present, are you living at all? – Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

To feel the magic it is essential to train yourself to live in the NOW. To practice living in the now instead of in your mind-projected world/future, try the following:

Try this! Feel yourself breathing, feel the water next time you wash your hands, feel your legs move as you walk to the car, feel your body press down the mattress as you lie down for bed.

Practice living now and you will see clearly enough to be able to identify the magic in your everyday life. Use your senses, and just take time to appreciate the opportunity you have been given to live in this truly magnificent world.

You will find that just being alive is magical in itself, and is yet another reason to be happy!

What Magic Have you Noticed in this World?

I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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