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How to Make Your Thoughts Reality: The 5 Characteristics You Need to Succeed

Do you want to know how to make your thoughts a reality? Is it because your thoughts are so inspirational and moving that achieving them would bring you to tears? I know what it feels like to deeply want to turn your thoughts into reality and I am here to tell you that it is possible (I’ve done it) and it isn’t nearly as hard as you would think.

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My Story – Nerd to Meat Head

*If you don’t have time to read about my story (I won’t kick you) just scroll down to the characteristics below!

Take me for example, there was nothing I wanted more in high school than to be accepted as one of the “cool” kids. All throughout school I was the toothpick, chess playing nerd that got picked on. When I was a sophomore in high school I had this thought… my arm was outstretched at my desk and I was looking at the bone where my bicep was supposed to be.

I thought for a second what if a muscle was there instead? Would that make me popular? Sure it seems trivial and foolish looking back, but at that time there was nothing more important to me than having muscles! They were the solution to making my thought of being “cool” a reality.

It seemed impossible considering that everything was against me. I had never lifted weights before, I knew nothing about nutrition, and I didn’t have a dime to join the gym (not to mention it intimidated me). However, my desire and drive was so strong that I gave these obstacles little attention. I thought about this desire every single day and gave myself a deadline for when I was going to reach it (junior year!). Then I immediately took action to make it happen.

I told my Papaw about my desire and he was reluctant. I wanted a weight bench at home (instead of going to the gym) that way people wouldn’t laugh at me if a fart slipped out while I was straining to bench the bar! My Papaw didn’t want a bench taking up my entire bedroom but I wouldn’t take no for an answer and persisted (like most bratty teenagers do). Next thing I know he went out and bought me a used bench press at a garage sale. As they say the rest was history…

By my junior year I had gained 20 pounds of muscle which got me a pretty girlfriend (though not nearly as pretty as Jackie my soul-mate and proofreader!) which led to my acceptance and popularity in high school. This thought/wish/desire had manifested into my life as something real.

Sure I could have told you any of a number of examples that have happened since then but I chose this one because of the large lesson it taught me in life. This situation gave me a sweet taste of the fact that I had control over my life. After seeing how it worked once, I had the confidence to repeat this process time and time again. You too have control over your life! You will have a similar epiphany the first time you turn one of your “impossible” thoughts into reality.

Thoughts into Reality – The 5 Characteristics You Need to Succeed

1. Desire – The number one thing you need to make this thought truly come to fruition is a burning desire to make it happen. I am not talking about the desire one feels to buy a new pair of shoes, but the kind that brings out your innermost passion! If your desire is intense enough to make you surge with energy upon each thought, then you my friend are already half way there.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. – Bill Cosby

2. Belief – The second characteristic is the belief that it WILL happen. Please know that every single great thing that has happened in this world originally started as a thought. Bill Gates didn’t create Apple without first having a thought, then a desire, and then the belief in himself. Pair belief with your desire to make it happen and you can see any thought become reality.

3. Persistence – If you have the first two characteristics there is one thing that can stop you three feet short. Quitting… If you never give-up, never stop, then you never fail. Most of the largest forms of success will happen right after a large pitfall. When things get rough and it makes sense to give-up most people will, please don’t be one of them. You are not defeated until you accept defeat as reality.

4. Mindset – Put it in your mind right now that this thought will be reality (because it will). Thoughts simply create things. If you’ve heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or Think Rich Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill this concept is not new to you. There is a substantial amount of evidence that shows there is a strong relationship between thinking (knowing) it will happen and it happening.

5. Flexible – When the time is right an opportunity will arise to allow your mere thought a place in time and space. The thing is that it may come in a different form or from a different direction than you had expected. Make sure to notice these opportunities and take full advantage of them when they arise!


1. No matter who you are you can adopt these 5 strategies to make your thought(s) a reality.

2. If you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you then it is going to happen!

3. Thoughts and reality do not discriminate. Think proactive thoughts and good things will follow. Think destructive thoughts and…well you get the point.

Please let me know your success stories, I want to hear them. (Plus, I shared mine so now it’s your turn!)

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