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Mamaw Witch

 mamaw witch

*This is a reader contribution from the wonderful Malissa Stidham.

It was the Saturday before Halloween 2010 and as a park manager; I always host a safe trick or treating night in my park for the families.  This year was the first one for this new property.  I always encourage the adults of the community to dress in costumes, including myself – the witch.

My grandchildren were coming as my guests to join in on the festivities. They knew Mamaw was the park manager and would be in costume as well, but what would she be?

As I saw them approaching my home, I turned my back on to them. As usual, the two youngest came running up to greet me with hugs.  First Jasmine, who is five, then Cody, who is nine. As I turned to face them, each jumped out of their skin. They had seen the witch costume, but not the dark green painted face.

I grabbed at each of them and yelled in my best witch voice, “I AM GOING TO GET YOU MY PRETTIES!”. Jasmine screamed and ran back from me. Cody just froze and stared at me. He knew it was Mamaw, but he sure did not know what to think.

The night proceeded forward with costume judging and trick or treating. At the end of the night, Cody came up to me and said, “Mamaw, you make one good witch”.

In 2011 we held our annual event again, the grand-kids attended as usual. However, because of work scheduling that I managed, I could not dress up.

It is now 2012, and we just held our third trick or treating event for the park this past Saturday night. The two younger grand-kids came, and found their Mamaw once again dressed as a witch.

The night proceeded to be another successful event for the park and its families. At the end of the night, Cody came up to me and said, “I had fun, and it was great to see Mamaw Witch again.

My older children often tease me about being more of a kid now than when they were young. When I can bring smiles and create joyful memories such as these with my grandchildren, all I can say is . . . “You betcha!”

Happy Halloween!

Malissa Stidham

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