Tiny TweaksTo Prevent Your Past from Sabatoging Your Present

My Habits

Here are examples of my habits to help you write yours.


Cue: Reviewing daily schedule.


Reward: Parfait on run days. Feel better, better health, and more energy.


Morning Routine

Cue: Alarm 4:15 am.


Exception: When there is a social event the night before the cue changes to an alarm that is set 8 hours from going to bed. If too sick to do morning routine, rest, you get a pass (DO NOT ABUSE).

Reward: Increased productivity, momentum, energy, and quality of life.


Bedtime Routine

Cue: Alarm 7:15 pm.


Exceptions: When there is a social event, cue changes to start 15 minutes after the time you get home. Leaving you another 45 minutes to complete the evening routine. It’s okay to begin your evening routine before the cue as a way to be proactive.

When there is social event in the evening followed by another in the morning, do your evening routine before it begins if possible. If not possible and there is no way to get 8 hours of sleep by doing the routines they may be shortened (do habit tracker).

Reward: Increased sleep, productivity, momentum, energy, and quality of life.


Tidy Routine

Cue: Walking in the front door, waking up, finished using something, or see something left out.


Reward: Not distracted by phone, better enjoy home life, more present, better relationship, and better quality of life.


Dishes Routine

Cue: Finished using a dish or eating a meal.


Reward: Clean kitchen


Home By 4:15 Routine

Cue:  Alarm 3:35 pm. Leave within 1 minute (TJ), leave by 3:38 (Jackie).


Exception: One after school meeting per week.

Reward: Time for a game or sitcom.


Family Meeting (Habit Reflection)

Cue: Saturday morning after completing morning routine


Reward: Improved marriage and quality of life.


Habit Tracker

Cue: Last item on evening routine


Reward: Feeling of progress and supporting habit development.


Red Binder Routine

Cue: Not sure about a routine or thought of a tweak.


Reward: Helps create better habits.


Start Now

If you want to change your life you have to start now. If you wait it won’t happen.

Take 5 minutes to write down your cue, routine, and reward for one habit. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, you’ll tweak as you go.

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