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One of My Happiest Moments

one of my happiest moments

*This is a reader contribution from the amazing Moreen Blaisdell.

Both of my children were in the military.

My daughter was in Guyana and my son had just come home from Iraq. My daughter Abby while home on leave, wanted me to come down to her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  When the day finally came, I felt so excited to see my daughter again.

On a last minute thought (I basically knew what I had in my bank account) I checked to be sure of what I had.  Drats, I thought. I will straighten it out when I get to Abby’s’ place.

I drove straight through only stopping for gas and rest room breaks. I have never been as happy as when I finally pulled in her drive and got out of the car. I went in and got a great big hug from my daughter, along with a Jack and Coke. We talked for some time, and then she excused herself.

I waited for her to come back, finally being able to hear her footsteps. I turned around to say something and there stood my son!

I was speechless! My daughter had planned the whole thing, flying Michael in from San Antonio. Together they had even put up a Christmas tree. Then the truth came out about the happenings of my account.

Michael was on my checking account since he was overseas. He had gone shopping with his sister and didn’t want me to see him spending in Abby’s home town, so he entered the wrong password to lock up the account.

It was during that moment, that I knew how incredibly blessed I was!

Moreen Blaisdell,

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