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Life Is Meant To Be Simple

I have come to the conclusion that life is meant to be simple.

When I think back on the history of humans, we always lived a very simple life. A life that is similair to what any of us can experience by going camping.

We humans established a shelter, we hunted and gathered our food, and spent lots of time with loved ones.

Nowadays progress has gone too far. We have a consumerist culture that brainwashes us to think we need this or that gadget, an expensive car, a large house, and fame to feel good enough. It’s bullshit, it really is.

How many celebrities have attempted suicide? When you see rich people why do their smiles seem so fake? Is that true happiness and contentment?

It seems paradoxical to believe that we can be happier by doing less. That life can be more fulfilling if we stop working so hard. But I am starting to believe it is true.

I spent my entire life working hard to be something, to have a better life. I hated my life as a kid, my dad was violent and I was always worried about myself or my mom getting hurt. When I was a teenager, I moved in with my hero, my Papaw as he was fighting lung cancer until one day I lost him. I just wanted an escape, all I could think about was a better future and nothing else.

I was so hyper-focused on what life could be someday that once I reached that calm and peaceful life I didn’t realize it. I couldn’t see it, couldn’t appreciate it.

I think maybe the way we think when we are young solidifies as our brain develops and those neural pathways become very hard to reshape. That’s the struggle I face now.

I don’t need to achieve the next thing, I don’t need to go back to school and get a higher degree or try to get a promotion at work.

Life is calm now, life is good, I just need to simply enjoy it. Why is that so hard to accept? Why is that easier said than done? It shouldn’t be.

Even when we work our way to something greater, what then? Normally we just search for something else to start working toward. It’s pure mania. At some point we have to stop the search, stop the persistent and nagging urge to do and be more and just be satisfied with who we are and what we have.

Life can and should be simple, the more we try to complicate it the less it can be enjoyed.

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