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Pizza Rice Bowl Recipe


My wife and I love this meal! I love it because I’m a cheap health-nut, that doesn’t like to spend a lot of time making food. She loves because it taste like yummy pizza! When we have kids, I imagine this will be a great way to trick them into eating healthy as well.






Cost Breakdown

$ .26 1 cup brown rice
$1.64 ¼ cup mini or sliced pepperoni
$1.50 1 cup (your favorite) shredded cheese
$.69 10 tablespoons of (your favorite) pizza sauce

$1.02 serving
$4.09 total


I am thinking about trying this with turkey pepperoni to further the health benefits. I used mozzarella cheese this time around because we had it on hand (and I’m a tightwad), but next time I’ll experiment with something different. Jackie thought hers came out a little too saucy so next time I’ll keep a close eye out to avoid any “heaping” scoops!

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