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Sleeping In Is Suicide, 4 Tips To Save Your Life

You are going to die.

Maybe today, possibly tomorrow, or it could be January 23, 2050.

Does that make you sad?

Your timer has been set, and with every passing moment time in which to enjoy your little life is extinguished.

Today – Death Date = Hours Left

There is only 1 human for every 15 whose candle has gone out. Sometimes I visit the cemetery to remind me of how special every minute is, we are the lucky ones.

How many of the best hours of your life do you kill in your sleep?

How many will you rescue?


Snooze Is A Seductive Bitch 

When I was a snot nosed teenager I didn’t care about getting up on time. I loved sleeping away my weekends “Oh how there’s nothing better”, I thought.

And I kept it up. Ironically I’d get up on time on days full of stuff I hated, like going to school. Then I’d sleep away my free days, my best days.

That habit stuck, nearly forever.

One day when I got a little older, I woke up to a gun blast around 6 am which gave me a huge Adrenaline spike. The police sirens and squabbling of the neighbors made it impossible for me to go back to sleep.

Thanks to those wonderfully scary people, I had accidentally woken up on time.

I was dumbfounded by how great I felt throughout that day. Before going to bed that night, I felt so proud of being able to accomplish so much.

I realized the morning hours were insanely distraction free, well other than the guy next door screaming, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” into the sunrise.

I was a little groggy but had more energy that morning than I typically did in the evening after work.

It seemed that by starting the day off right, the rest of the day followed suit.

“Either you run your day or your day runs you.”

So I tried to repeat the process, again, and again, and again.  I spent 9 years trying to get up on time, only to find my weak willed self slapping the SNOOZE bar.

This was not an easy habit.

How many of your plans has SNOOZE destroyed?

Snooze may be a life destroying bitch, but you’ve got to stop slapping her.

Killing Time Isn’t Murder, It’s Suicide.

Killing 2 Hours Today = 2 Weeks This Year = 2 Years This Lifetime

If you sleep in for just 2 hours each Saturday and Sunday, you’ll kill roughly 2 weeks worth of your life this year.

If you live another fifty years, that’s over 2 years of life.

And it’s not like we’re talking about 2 hours of shitty life either, you’ll be wasting 2 years of the absolute best hours of your life.

Imagine your future, it’s going beautifully, and you are retired. You’ve become everything you’ve ever wanted to be, you’ve accomplished your dreams.

You get to spend your time productively working on whatever you wish. Then a fortune teller informs you that you only have two years of this incredible life left to live.

Would you kill yourself?

Then why are you doing it now?

The morning has become the best part of my day. It allows me to give my best hours to myself, with no distractions, to use however I wish.

Sleeping in is unquestionably the biggest waste of your life.


Morning People Are Made, Yes Even You

I was never a morning person.

I’m not sure if it was my fear of gargoyles and vampires, but something about getting up before the sun made my skin crawl.

It was insanely difficult at first, but after sticking with it for a couple of weeks, there was no going back.

The benefits, even on working days far outweighed the struggle.

Here is what helped me finally make the break through.

1. Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

Have you ever slept in a house with bedbugs? I have and they suck! The little bastards bite you all night and you can’t get a wink of sleep.

The first thing you’ve got to do is make sure your sleep is of the highest quality. By doing the following you may find, like I did, that you only need 7 hours.

Pimp your bedroom, give it a sleep environment make-over:

Play detective, for a few days, jot down notes when you stir awake at night. Yeah, it’s a little annoying reaching for a pencil and paper in the dark, but it pays off.

When I did this, one thing I discovered was that my smoke detector emitted a random flash of light each hour. It had probably been disrupting my sleep for years. I doubled up some electrical tape on the light and problem solved.

What is breaking you out of your REM cycle?

Four full uninterrupted 90-minute REM cycles result in pure magic. Every interruption multiplies the amount of energy you won’t have the next day.

And if you don’t feel rested when the alarm goes off, you’re not going to get up.

2. ZzzzZZzz Routine

You are living in a meat-suit, your body is a biological machine.

There are ways you can trigger your nervous system into knowing it is time to crash.

The idea here, is to fall asleep on time. You can’t expect yourself to get up on time if it takes you half the night to doze off.

Here’s what worked for me:

3. Morning Would

What would you do tomorrow morning if you got up on time?

Bribe Yourself

Make the first thing you will do tomorrow be a highlight, something AWESOME. .

When I first got started mine was 30 minutes of playing my favorite silly little game from the 90’s called Worms Armageddon. I only got to play it if I got up on time, it was my reward.


Plan Your Day Tonight

Hour by hour, what are you plans for tomorrow?

No pressure, even if your plans fail, you’ll still have a way better day than you would of otherwise.

Now when your alarm goes off, you’ll know the reason you need to get up.

That is why you get up on time every work day.

It’s also the best way to supercharge your productivity.

4. Attack of the Alarms

This was a must for me.

I set a radiant light alarm 10 inches from my face. A second old school alarm in the far closest, out of my short wife’s reach. And I also set my phone alarm to go off not once, but twice.

Every morning they flanked me.

The first would start the fight by blasting light into my face. Then if I didn’t get up, the reinforcements would come. The second, much hated old school clock would fire it’s little hammer, dinging the metal drums faster than the Flash can fart.

On the worst of days, the phone alarms would deliver the knock-out punch.

This worked for me because the light alarm is designed to wake me up at the end of a REM cycle. And it typically worked. Plus I wasn’t going to go back to bed because I knew Satan’s alarm would be going off in the closet in a few minutes. This required me to get out of bed and hike across the room. And once I was out of bed, I was normally good to go.

It took me years, to figure out my system, hopefully you are a little smarter than me.

If you wake up dog-tired it’s probably because an alarm went off while you were in REM, there are dozens of alarms and apps designed to solve this problem. I highly recommend them if you don’t have one.

Never Hit SNOOZE

Every time you slap snooze you are building a life killing habit. You’ll be much more likely to do it again.

Every time you don’t hit snooze and get up on time you introduce extra quality time into your day. You’ll be much more likely to do it again.

What kind of habit do you prefer to build?

For me nothing has been greater than the unrushed, focused, and fun hours of the morning. This habit has turned my life on it’s head.

I wake up every morning with something to look forward to and have something to be grateful for throughout the day.

If you’ve never tried it consistently, it might take a month or so get into the groove, but man will you see what you’re missing out on.

What do you think? Is the daily suicide worth it?





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