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The Formless Self – Visualization Techniques

A technique that I have found to be extremely beneficial in creating happiness is to see the formless self that resides inside of me. In Buddhism it is said that our true self is the formless self.

To see ourselves as formless means we no longer have a concern about personal appearance and its stipulations. It means we can see other people for who they are without the negativity and judgment that comes in seeing their external form.

We all have an internal energy that lives amongst us and connects us to all that is life.

The trick is to feel and visualize yourself as this internal energy. Here you will learn how to visualize yourself as formless and how it helps increase happiness.

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Seeing Yourself as Formless

When thinking of your self-image do not picture your body. Your body in no way reflects who you are! Instead visualize yourself, your internal energy.

Perhaps it is easier to visualize yourself as a ball of energy, glowing brightly and casting your rays across all that you interact with. When you think of yourself as you, instead of a physical piece of flesh, a lot of the external pressures on appearance alleviate.

Your formless self is all that matters, it is so much more than the external image. This is the realization we must all come to, although culture and media tend to contaminate this message.

Seeing Others as Formless

If we are to visualize ourselves as formless then we also need to see the formless self in others.

By focusing only on the true being, judgment and discrimination are automatically wiped clean. No longer do we create opinions and a false sense of identity for people whom we know little about. This makes it much easier to be accepting of all and live in peace. To sense, feel, see, and hear another person for who they really are is powerful. It’s kind of like the whole, don’t judge a book by it’s cover type of thing.

Next time you interact with someone pay as little attention as possible to their external image. Know that the body is just a vehicle that the person is driving. If this is your first time paying no attention to their external image you will find that a much clearer image of this person arises.

You can use this technique to evolve relationships and develop an even deeper connection with close family and friends. Most people get so wrapped up in the outer that they often forget how to see the beauty that lies in the inner. Keep this in mind when choosing romantic partners!

Please know that a large part of you, is a part that you have in common with every single person. That of which is the formless self. In 100 years or so you and every person you meet will have died, turned to dust, and exist purely in the formless. Kind of harsh, but true!

Has external image caused problems in your life?

Please share your experiences with form and the formless in the comments below!

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