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The Golden Rule

This post covers how to enhance The Golden Rule!

I am sure all of us have heard of the great ethical and moral code referred to as, “The Golden Rule”. The Golden Rule states that you should treat others how you would like to be treated. You will find that by following The Golden Rule your happiness level will skyrocket.

To treat others how we wish to be treated means we must first know what we expect from others. Secondly we must become conscious of the way we act towards others to ensure the two are one in the same. This process makes us aware of our values and when our actions follow our values we feel very good inside.

Below are some enhanced techniques that make following The Golden Rule more personal.

Visualize Others as You

It is easier to treat others as you would like to be treated, if you pretend they are you! As goofy as it sounds it is quite an effective strategy.

The Golden Rule
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Next time you are with someone pretend they are you for a second. Imagine that you are in a conversation with yourself and have the opportunity to enhance the life in that version of you.

This technique will aid you in caring for another as you would yourself.  I often find it much easier to relate with others when trying this exercise. What happens is because I am visualizing them as me, I am more accepting and thus become more open to all that they are.

ALERT – I would not recommend sharing to a person that you are trying this technique unless you are prepared to get smacked by “yourself”!

Imagine That You Must Live Everyone’s Life

What if you had to live the life of every person you interacted with? This might be a deep concept, feel free to pause for a moment.

Another common saying is, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”. This is the message I am trying to communicate to you; however a little more in depth. To imagine that you must someday live someone else’s life means that however you treat that person now will be how you are treated by yourself when you live that person’s life.

That’s a little wordy here’s an example:

Ryan (you today) sees that Erin a co-worker is having a bad day and decides to take Erin bowling. This kind deed results in Erin feeling happier and also gaining a new friend. When you then someday live Erin’s life you can count on a co-worker named Ryan (you today) to cheer you up and become a much needed friend.

Through this technique you will literally be treating yourself as you would like to be treated!

Yet again a goofy strategy, but one that really puts more “meat on the bone” of The Golden Rule.

Your Life is a Mirror

Lastly, it’s important that you see your life as a mirror. This applies to feelings, actions, interactions and so forth.

Ever notice how when you’re in a good mood, everyone else seems to be? Or when you’re in a bad mood how people seem to be more rude and less caring? Whether you’re aware of it or not, the way you treat others will always be reflected back to you.

With that being said if you ever find yourself in a situation where people are treating you poorly take a look at yourself before placing blame. We can only control our internal self and our reactions not those of others.

What do you think of The Golden Rule and these techniques?

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