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The State of Happiness – One Woman’s Viewpoint

state of happiness

*This is a reader contribution from the wonderful Malissa Stidham.

Happiness? What is it? The dictionary defines “happy” as  . . . “ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”.  So with this definition, we are told “happiness” is simply a feeling or a display.

Well, I guess we could look at it this way. However, isn’t there more to happiness other than simply feeling or showing it? What about your living state of being?

To me happiness is more than just a simple feeling or display of emotion. True happiness is a state of being happy on a consistent basis.

We experience several different emotions everyday. At work we feel stress when we are pushing to meet a deadline. In rush hour we feel aggravation and annoyed. At night we feel tired. Does experiencing other emotions mean we are not happy during those times?

No. It simply means we experience additional emotions while we are in our “state of being happy”.

So what is this amazing state of being happy? As with every element of life, each one of us has our own definition of what that might mean. However, to me, the state of happiness is a state of inner peace that one finds, develops, and grows within her/himself. The key to finding that inner peace is acceptance of oneself.

Love Yourself

Almost every member of the population holds one or two regrets, or houses a skeleton in their closet. Something from somewhere in your past might be digging at you from time to time. Or it may be the way you perceive yourself or think others perceive you.

Such things as these can cause you not to like yourself. Without that love of yourself, the state of being happy cannot exit. All the things you experience in life becomes a part of your history. It is what makes you who you are today.  How you chose to deal with such situations is the difference.

Acknowledging who you are and placing things in proper perspective is a key element in finding your inner peace. You’ll learn to accept the things you cannot change, and you change the things you can.

By learning self-acceptance, you build a love for yourself. This love allows you to find your inner peace and therefore allows you to enter into your own consistent state of happiness.

Wishing you the best,

Malissa Stidham

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