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[tiny tweak] Get a Bluetooth

Most people intuitively understand that hand-held phones are dangerous. – Jon Osterberg

Have you ever seen someone wearing a little flashy ear-bud and talking to themself? If so, you witnessed a Bluetooth in action (a wireless phone accessory that attaches to your ear).

You probably thought the person looked like a cyborg, but did you consider how you could benefit from a Bluetooth? Talking wirelessly is awesome because it frees up a hand, but the benefits don’t stop there!

On Christmas, I received my first Bluetooth ($35 on Amazon) which was my favorite gift. I wanted a Bluetooth to help me multitask, but was surprised to find several other benefits of this little gem. Through the last four days my Bluetooth has resulted in greater productivity, simplicity, relationships, and fun.



Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

By owning a Bluetooth, you can call your friends and family while using both hands to do yard work, the dishes (Wet hands? No problem!), take out the trash, etc. It turns boring tasks into useful time to catch up.

Easier to Listen to Audiobooks/Music

A hidden benefit about owning a Bluetooth, is that it doubles as a wireless headphone. If you have music or audiobooks (even better), you can listen to them through your Bluetooth. For me, that meant 15 more minutes a day to consume good knowledge as I walked Oscar. I had tried walking the dog with corded headphones but they would fall out and get tangled up in his leash and my clothes. The Bluetooth is an easy sophisticated solution.

Safer Commute

Texting and driving is stupid! However, driving one-handed while chit-chatting isn’t much better. With a Bluetooth you can keep both hands on the wheel and leave your eyes on the road. The Bluetooth makes driving while talking hassle-free as you aren’t left with only one hand to work the radio, drink coffee, drive, apply make-up, adjust your mirror, etc. You can also keep your phone’s GPS screen in front of you, while speaking through the Bluetooth.

Spill it, is this a good or bad tweak?

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