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[tiny tweak] Listen to Intelligent Audiobooks

Sometimes I drive through the hood blasting an audiobook.

Do you have a long commute to work? Do you have to do chores or mindless activities throughout the the day? Would you like to receive free advice from the most intelligent minds on earth? Replacing moments filled with music or silence with knowledge-packed audiobooks will put you on the fast-track to an extraordinary life.

I discovered this trick two months ago and made more progress toward my dreams/goals in that time than in the previous two YEARS! I started off by listening to personal-development books (The Slight Edge and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) on my 30 minute work commute. I was so impressed with the life advice in these two books that I started listening to a top-rated personal finance book during my 15 minute walk with Oscar. I even started listening to a book on social skills while I did chores around the house.

To me audiobooks are like having a private consultation with the brightest minds to ever exist.



Good Input

You are what your brain eats! What are you feeding it? Depressing and biased news? Marketing and advertising agenda from commercials? Influences pop culture? Gossip from friends and colleagues? Misinformed life advice from family?

Whether you realize it or not, your brain is like a sponge and is constantly being shaped by the information around you. Replacing some of those unhelpful information sources with audiobooks that you’ve chosen will guarantee your control of your future. Audiobooks also subject you to new ideas and vocabulary terms (pronounced properly!) that you wouldn’t have learned elsewhere.

Turn Down-Time into Up-time

Listening to audiobooks will turn your car into a university on wheels, your chores will become sources of life growth, and by walking the dog you’ve become a life-long learner. Through audiobooks you take life’s biggest time wasters and stand them on their heads.

Better Focus and Listening Skills

To harness the author’s profound advice, your mind learns to focus intently on what you are listening to. Your mind does not drift off to other areas of thought because it must concentrate to understand the knowledge in each audiobook. By practicing auditory skills, when you speak with colleagues, family, and friends you’ll become better at paying attention to what they say. By being a better listener you will develop stronger dialogue and respect.

Increase Knowledge

One of my favorite elementary school memories is signing along to school house rock and shouting, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. Knowledge is your greatest tool in life and the only way to increase it is to seek good information. When you listen to an audiobook you consume the intelligent thoughts of an author that you’ve personally identified as influential. The audiobooks you choose will produce the thoughts which will become the foundation for the life you create.

What do you think? Is this a tiny tweak you’d use?

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