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[tiny tweak] Play Games

The perfect family board game is one that can be played.

What’s your favorite game? Mine is the one that allows me to have the most fun with my friends and family. Lately it has been Risk, Catan, or Apples to Apples. I will normally go with whichever game those hanging out with me like the most.

Games are an amazing facilitator of social interaction. How many times have you hung out with loved ones in front of the TV or with the radio blasting? Do those scenarios get everyone talking and getting to know each other? Heck, how many times have you been with a loved one who had their head buried in their smart phone? For this reason, game playing is a no phone zone for us. As long as your definition of winning is to have a good time, you’ll win every game you play.




Playing games together is an amazing way to bond. There will be times when everyone is laughing, times when you take a break just to chat, and times when you work cooperatively. Plus, games are an excuse to hang out, do you have a family game night?

Free and Fun

There is at least one game out there for everyone. After purchasing a  game once, you can extract countless hours of fun from it. Having that much fun with groups of loved ones normally costs a pretty penny.


Games provide learning experiences for children and adults as well. Games teach us skills that are fundamental for life. Skills like strategic thinking, focus, negotiation, tactful communication, patience, math, and reading. Honestly, the list is endless.

Life Lessons

If you are playing with a child or someone new to the game, you can challenge yourself by making your objective to let them win without them knowing. You shouldn’t do this all the time because learning to be a good loser is a valuable lesson that games teach us. Games teach all kinds of life lessons.

Life lessons including: never get too comfortable, be prepared for change, competition is motivation, curve balls can come out nowhere, sacrifice is sometimes necessary, create your own luck, the best don’t always win, and so forth.

So tell us, what is your favorite game?

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