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[tiny tweak] Write a New Year’s Resolution

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

Happy New Year!

Have you written your New Year’s resolution? Have you ever accomplished a New Year’s resolution? If you have you probably felt awesome when you achieved it and were reminded of your awesomeness when you reviewed your resolution on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s resolutions are a blast to write and even more fun to achieve.

New Year’s is special to me because it’s my Papaw’s birthday and I proposed to my fiance on New Year’s Eve (as the ball dropped). Even without that sentiment I would love New Year’s because it’s a fresh start. The possibilities of a New Year feel endless and the beginning of one is a motivating time to pick goals and take action. If you stick to your New Year’s resolution you will materialize into a superior person by the end of the year.




New Year’s resolution’s provide a powerful opportunity to enhance yourself. They give you an entire calendar year to achieve your ambition. Tiny daily actions taken throughout the year will compound into astronomical life progress. Just by writing down your resolutions you’ve taken the first step to making them real. Stay focused and let the motivation of a new year propel you to success!


New Year’s resolution’s hold you accountable to positive change. When you decide on a resolution, you have identified your legacy for the following year. You will take pride in the fact that sticking to your goals will give purpose to the year ahead.


Jackie and I have made the process of writing, discussing and reviewing New Year’s resolutions as part of our holiday tradition. My favorite part of New Year’s Eve is looking back on my resolutions and feeling unstoppable because I achieved them.

Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals or make progress toward them. Doing so will give you an immense feeling of satisfaction in yourself and your life. Your confidence will skyrocket and you’ll smile upon the year feeling proud and accomplished.

Once you achieve a New Year’s resolution, you will believe in yourself enough to tackle even larger challenges in the year ahead. Have fun imagining the possibilities and deciding which transformations you will make next year.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

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