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Tiny Tweaks Make Big Life Change Easy

Real heroes don’t leap over buildings in a single bound they take small determined steps consistently over time.

Whatever you want from life, to contribute, to increase quality time with loved ones, to experience joy, you can have. It’s not hard to attain if you use the right approach.

We often think making a big change to our life will take enormous action. Just the thought of it can be so debilitating that we won’t even try.

The reality is that massive action is only ever the result of little actions repeated over and over again. So what we must focus on are those simple little tweaks that will compound over time to tackle any obstacle.

Tweaking Habits

It takes 66 days to create a habit, but only 21 days for it to become easier and start yielding results. Even though making a small change can be hard at first, it doesn’t stay that way. When you consistently perform that tiny tweak every day it eventually becomes a habit. Your habits are a permanent part of you, they are as automatic as breathing and require almost no effort.

Your minor adjustment will continue to happen every single day compounding small daily results into a major life accomplishment.

Here is an example of how an easy exercise tweak can intensify.

The initial tweak that got me started on the journey to exercise was to jog/walk for 15 minutes twice a week. After a month of sticking to it I was able jog the entire time. After 2 months I had added a third day and increased my time. A year later I was running 3 days a week for 30 minutes a day and had lost 30 pounds!

Exercise was hard in the beginning, but became a habit requiring no willpower or effort on my part. It grew into something enjoyable and I never stopped because it became hard to resist the urge.

The weight loss and added energy from exercising made me feel good enough to start riding my bike, kayaking, and hiking further amplifying my health and social life.

I also experienced reduced stress and anxiety, higher confidence, and better sleep.

That is what is so interesting about these tweaks. They start off small and easy creating very little short-term benefit. Eventually they become habitual and as time passes the positive outcomes continue to multiply and magnify.

Your tiny tweak keeps growing, producing a bigger and bigger life change.

Tiny Tweaks and Giant Goals

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

If you have a grandiose goal the best way to reach it is to turn a small adjustment into a permanent habit.

Let’s imagine that you decide to write a book. The tweak you choose is to start writing for 30 minutes everyday. On any given day it feels futile but after 3 months of practice you have become more efficient and are able to write more in a shorter amount of time. After a year you have written over 180 hours, enough time to have a first draft complete. After 2-3 years it’s finished!

It wasn’t hard or overwhelming for you to accomplish this ginormous goal. You didn’t feel overwhelmed about the colossal amount of work that lay ahead. Instead you just made a small adjustment to your life, turned it into a habit and lived as normal until one day you had achieved something truly amazing.

If It’s So Easy Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

We live in a quick fix society. People don’t try to change their life this way because they want instant results. We give something a try and if we don’t see results within a few days we give up. We think it isn’t worth it.

Expecting any change worth having to happen right away, isn’t reality. Change doesn’t have to be hard but we do have to keep at it to get what we want. We have to stop looking for magic potions and start learning how to program ourselves to create a magical life.

It’s really simple, all you need to do is make a small change and not give up on it. Be okay with results that aren’t instant but hang in long enough to see results that are permanent.

When you can do that you will see how insanely easy it is to create an exciting and fulling life that is even better than you imagine.

Start now by learning this simple little habit system.

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