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To Know and Not Do Is To Not Know

I want to tell you about my friend. He is a powerhouse of knowledge some might say a know it all. Health, finances, personal development whatever the subject, he knows the best course of action.

When I discussed nutrition with him he explained the benefits of eating a whole foods based diet. I researched his advice later and it checked out but I was hesitant to believe him at first because he is overweight!

That’s the problem. My buddy, truly smart and glorious in so many ways does not apply any of his knowledge to his own life.

Every time I visit he has a new documentary for me to watch and when I check Facebook he has shared a new post for me to read.

He is a collector of knowledge but it just sits in his brain and gathers dust.

Where is the Wisdom We Have Lost in Knowledge?

We live in the information age and are bombarded with it daily.

It is vital that we protect ourselves against it. Too much information is harmful. It floods our mind leaving no room to process or take action on what we learn.

If we don’t take action on what we know that is the same as not knowing. Actually it may be worse because instead of being blissfully ignorant we feel apprehensive for not doing what we know we should.

I think that is what has happened to my friend.

Learning is addicting so it easily became a habit for him but he learns so much that he has no mental energy left to create habits of action.

How Full is Your Cup?

There once was an important man who asked a Zen master for wisdom.

The Zen master smiled and said they should discuss the matter over tea.

When the tea was served the Zen master began to pour his visitor a cup. He poured and poured until the tea began to spill all over the table and finally onto the clothes of the man.

The man jumped out of his seat and shouted, “Enough! You are spilling the tea all over. Can’t you see that the cup is full?”.

The Zen master stopped and smiled at the man. “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. You must first empty your cup so that there is room for me to teach you”.

This cautionary tale highlights why it is vital that we only pursue essential information; knowledge regarding what matters most to us. Deciding what you want most is one decision that will eliminate a thousand others.

Accept the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things you can… And have the wisdom to know the difference.

What matters most to us is not Tom Brady, Jennifer Lawrence, or Donald Trump. Yet how many of us spend time reading about celebrities, football, and politics? Consuming information that won’t positively impact our or another person’s life is a waste of time and energy.

Limit your learning to what truly matters and watch how easily it materializes.

Once you stop focusing on trivial information life becomes peaceful. With a focus on the essential, taking action on what you learn becomes simple. You stop feeling overwhelmed from the analysis paralysis of information overload.

Take Action Through Habits

After getting clear on what matters most, I encourage you to concentrate your learning on habit building.

I have filled my head with buckets of gunky personal growth information over the last decade. The only thing that ever permanently upgraded my life has been knowledge about habit creation. All thoughts, actions, and results in your life are a product of your habits.

If you know how to manipulate your habits you can automate your actions to produce anything you want out of life.

Start now by learning this simple little system.




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