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Who Are You and Why Does It Matter?

Ask someone who they are and you’ll get one of two responses.

1. A blank stare, or

2. A shallow answer like, “I am a fake somebody and a real nobody“ or “today a name, tomorrow a legend”.

This humdinger puts people in a tailspin because they have never in their life considered this question. Have you?


Who are you?

Who you believe you are comes from your interpretation of your life experiences. Your identity is simply what you have chosen to identify with.

That’s key.

If you know what beliefs you have about yourself, then you can begin to change those beliefs that are disempowering.

The first step to becoming who you want is knowing who you are.

Your identity affects what you believe you can and cannot do. You consistently act in accordance to the beliefs you have about yourself, whether true or not.

But you can only tap into the capabilities you believe are true. Some beliefs are empowering and others are disempowering. If you believe you’re confident, you can be confident, if you believe you suck at socializing, good luck making friends!

Once you know your beliefs about who you are, you can scrutinize that information. You can analyze the people, circumstances, events, and other factors that have shaped your perceived identity.

If your identity causes you pain or your beliefs aren’t helpful, you have the power to change them by changing your interpretations. By changing your interpretations, you change your identity.

I’m a loser baby…

For example, I used to think that I was born to fail because I grew up poor and faced traumatic adversity in childhood. This resulted in me feeling depressed and hopeless about the future.

Those disempowering beliefs about my identity didn’t get me far.

Life started to change for the better when I began interpreting my past in an empowering way. I started thinking that I was a living example that anyone can make their lives great, despite the size of the challenges.

The trick is to interpret your narrative in an empowering way, a heroic story of conquering life.

Where do you go from here?

You’ve made decisions about who you are and what to fuse with. These are labels you’ve given yourself.

Once you know who you are and who you want to be, you can shift your identity by identifying with your future self. When you start seeing yourself as you wish to be everything changes. Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, and behavior become empowering and move you forward.

The trick is to start small and work your way up. You look at what you do to create beliefs about yourself.

Also, what you say you believe, you’ll back up. And you’ll also live up to what you write down.

Once you know who that awesome person you are going to be is, why wait?

Deep inside you know who you are. Are you ready to discover your current and greatest identity?

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