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Why You Must Know How to Create Habits

If you only had to learn one skill to get all you ever wanted out of life, would you?

Willpower vs. Habit

Think of one action you can do every day that would change your life.

Maybe it’s something to reach a goal or to live more happily.

Refer to this as HABIT 1.

Now imagine the following.

Willpower Scenario. You start the day with plans to HABIT 1 but find yourself too exhausted or distracted to make it happen. You try again the next day with no luck. A month goes by and you realize there were only a few days when you had success with HABIT 1.

You felt great on those few days but you experienced no real benefit and still dread the thought of doing HABIT 1.

This cycle continues for nearly all of your life and you never reach your goal or make things better. Instead you feel frustrated and apathetic regarding HABIT 1.

Habit Scenario. You take 5 minutes to write down a cue, routine, and reward for HABIT 1. You start the day with written plans to achieve HABIT 1 but hit some bumps in the road. You tweak your written plan and on day 2 you achieve HABIT 1. A month goes by and you have failed a lot. However you used each opportunity to tweak your cue, routine, and reward. Resulting in a current 10 day streak with HABIT 1. Eventually you reach the 21 day streak where things get easy.

After 3 months you reach the 66 day mark where HABIT 1 has become automatic.

Now HABIT 1 is a permanent and essential habit that has become easy and fun. Your consistency with HABIT 1 compounds and positively changes many other aspects of your life.

HABIT 1 no longer takes willpower or mental strain. Instead you find yourself looking forward to HABIT 1 every day.

Creatures of Habit

You are your habits. Everything you do, including reading this is a form of habit and your habits make your life.

You can change any aspect of your life by identifying the habit responsible. Most times habits are mental, meaning you have to change the way you think about things.

If you want more from your life, learn how to shape your habits.

I spent years making false promises to myself before establishing an exercise routine. I’d tell myself that I would run when I got home and instead get distracted on the computer. It felt impossible to get motivated and find the willpower to get myself to the track.

Now I consistently exercise 3+ days a week and it’s easy. I love it now, I crave it, and it is hard to stop myself from going.

I’m the same person so what changed?

Program the Faulty Robot

We have no idea why we are alive, but at least if we enjoy the experience it is not wasted.

Everything you desire is preceded by a process that is required to produce the result. When you define your process and commit to it for a period of time the results take care of themselves.

This is achieved by doing more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Simple but not easy without a plan.

95% of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness. We think we are in control of what we do but in reality our habits are.

Our willpower is limited and not strong enough to dictate every action. We don’t rise to the level of our hopes, we fall to the level of our training.

We must strategically use our limited willpower to rewire ourselves.

We are faulty robots not bags of magic. The first step is to change the input (our mindset), it’ll change the output (our habits).

What changed for me is I changed my perspective by reading The Power of Habit. I learned that habits above all else, have the biggest impact on my life. The book gave me an understanding of habits that I used to design a simple system to make my habits permanent.

My wife and I have used that system to create 9 powerful habits! It’s been a fun process and our lives are more calm and satisfying as a result.

Benefits Of Habits

Start Now

If you want to change your life start now. If you wait it won’t happen.

Take 5 minutes to write down your cue, routine, and reward for one habit. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, you’ll tweak as you go.

You will spend the rest of your life thanking yourself for the momentum you set forward on this day.

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