8 Quotes About Cute Baby Shoes

I feel like a real goof compiling this list of baby shoe quotes because I have already made a list of 15 Cute Baby Feet Quotes. Apparently people just can’t get enough of babies and an adorable quote seems to be the perfect way to express how we feel about these lil bundles of joy. When it comes to shoes I do have to admit that seeing baby Nikes and Adidas does make me smile especially considering that I wear a size 12. Anyway I hope you enjoy this list that I put together and also congrats on the new child that has blessed your life.


Cute Baby Shoes Quotes

“Two little shoes, the sweetest softest pair.
Two little shoes, chosen with care.”

“The first steps a baby takes are into your heart.”

“Every adventure requires a first step.”

“These shoes are made for walking.”

“Love is the ‘quack-quack’ sounds which a baby makes while walking with those cute shoes.”

Atmaja Bandyopadhyay

“If there are kids who want to follow in my footsteps. I’d say that my shoes are too big for them to fill! But their shoe size is just perfect.”

Queen Latifah

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Marilyn Monroe

“Happiness is buying baby clothes.”

“90% of parenting is telling kids to put on their shoes…
That’s why you don’t buy your baby ugly kicks.”

My Favorite Baby Shoe Quote

Of these 10 quotes my favorite is, “These shoes are made for walking.” I think it’s fun because it’s a quote that people use all of the time, yet it’s a lot funnier when thought of in the context of someone who doesn’t even know how to walk yet! Personally I don’t agree with, “Happiness is buying baby clothes” because I can’t even stand shopping for my own clothes, so that’s why I put that one lower on this list. Now I’ll be honest, it was really hard finding 8 quotes specifically about baby shoes so I wrote some of these! Can you guess which ones?

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