Hi there!

Have you ever felt close to giving up or wonder if there’s more? For the first time in my life, I can guarantee you that there is.

I’m Brock and I created this website when I realized after 30 long, turbulent years that I finally cracked the code of life. I discovered how to live a peaceful life without constant life-draining stress and worry.

A life with more clarity, happiness, and purpose than I knew was possible. And I want to share it with others who are currently suffering as I was… feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

My story is a simple one. I was born into adversity and chaos. I didn’t ask for it, but it was the hand I was dealt. This led to a lot of suffering and struggles both during and after childhood. Fortunately, I was also born with a curiosity and drive to fix it.

I wasted years reading self-help books, emulating people I revered, and learning from mistakes. Most years were spent in a swampy state of depression, clinging on to hope as the one tool for survival.

Anyway it paid off! The secret to life, to abundant freedom, passion, and joy comes down to 12 simple habits.

That’s it. And this website is dedicated to teaching you how to master them.

Master them and you will unlock unlimited power, love, and fulfillment beyond your wildest imagination.