How to Go On the Best Vacation of Your Life for $109

Start saving now if you want to go on vacation, we just went to Disney and it cost us $10,000. – colleague of mine

My wife and I just got back from the best vacation of our life! We feel completely relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized. For the first time in a decade my anxiety completely faded away. Taking a break from all the technology and distractions allowed me to finally come to an understanding of who I am and the purpose of my life.

This vacation had a smooth rhythm, we didn’t make the mistake of packing our schedule with touristy attractions.

Instead we:

  • Woke up to the sounds of birds singing.
  • Ate breakfast by the lake every morning.
  • Exercised by hiking a 3 mile loop with 23 stunning waterfalls.
  • Kayaked.
  • Played our favorite board games surrounded by a gorgeous landscape.
  • Chatted and laughed by the fire every night.
  • Fell asleep watching the stars.

We vacationed at Ricketts Glen State Park in PA but any state or national park near you will give you the experience of true beauty, tranquility, and inspiration. And if you’ve never camped before don’t worry, it’s easy (this makes it easier), and it’ll calm your soul.

The best part is that the entire 7 day vacation, including gas cost less than one cruise excursion! The campsite was $23 a night x 6 and the gas was $80 (we live 9 hours away), totaling $218 or $109 each. Our tasty camp meals were no more expensive than what we would have paid for groceries had we stayed home, so it wasn’t an extra expense.

As a kid my family almost never went on vacation because we couldn’t afford it. The average vacation expense per person in the US is $1,145 or $4,580 for a family of four. Can you believe that!

You can go on 10 amazing vacations like this one and still have money in the bank for the price of the “average” vacation. Now that we can afford it, we go on 6 vacations a year! ($654 dollars)

I think “average” is a good way to describe those types of vacations. We tried the “average” vacation. When we were younger we went Universal Studios to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was cool, but also super crowded with ads everywhere that silently screamed, “buy a butterbeer, buy a wand, buy an ice cream!”. We felt pressured to go go go to get our money’s worth which left us absolutely exhausted by the time we got home. What we needed was a nature vacation to recharge from the “average” vacation.

“Average” vacations are okay and they have their place but I doubt they every truly leave people feeling rejuvenated at their core.

Nature vacations do. Next time you need a real vacation from life… peace of mind, relaxation, and harmony, go camping! Go find a little slice of heaven and immerse yourself in it for week, you’ll thank yourself once you’re out there!

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