The Top 10 Mistletoe Quotes – One is Very Dirty

Are you looking to make a romantic memory with your loved one this Christmas? Why not pair mistletoe with one of these seductive quotes and do just that?

I hung up some mistletoe in our dinning room with a crafted sign that read, “What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe” and still till this day that was one of the best nights shared between my wife and I.

TMI? My apologies, but I’m just saying… It works! When you put together the right words with the lovely vibes of Christmas, miracles happen.

Here are the best 10 mistletoe quotes our world has to offer. I hope your holiday is unlike any other!

Mistletoe Quotes

10 Christmas Quotes About Mistletoe

What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe.”

Holiday wishes and mistletoe kisses.”

“You can kiss me whenever you want, no mistletoe needed.”

“You are the happy to my holiday, jingle in my bells, nut to my cracker, fruit to my cake, present under my tree, a wish to my star, home for my holiday, candy to my cane, kiss under the mistletoe, holly to my jolly, winter to my wonderland, ginger to my bread, milk to my cookie, joy to my world, star on my tree, love of my life.”

“Meet me under the mistletoe.”

“The snuggle is real under the mistletoe.”

“We go together like winter, mistletoe, and a sweater.”

“If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.”

“Lets f*ck under the mistletoe.”

“Christmas time mistletoe and wine.”

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Did you know this about Mistletoe?

Here are a 3 interesting facts that I learned about mistletoe while researching for these quotes.

It’s a parasite! That’s right. It’s not your typical shrub and it cannot grow in soil. Mistletoe attacks living trees. That’s why it is able to survive and stay green throughout the winter.

Now that may take the romance out of these mistletoe quotes, so lets think of it as… the mistletoe attaches/hugs/kisses/loves on other plant species.

Berries. Unlink the human species, only the female mistletoe has berries.

Diversity. There are over 1,300 mistletoe species. Many of which are poisonous.

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