Hang Up Gratitude Pictures

Hang Up Gratitude Pictures – Surround yourself with images of people and things that you have in your life which bring you joy. This will increase positivity within your mind.


Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water – Water helps your body manage weight, increases brain function, energizes you, and fights illnesses. Water rinses the toxins from your body and promotes healthy skin.


Subtract Before You Add

Subtract Before You Add – Perfection is not achieved when you have nothing more to add. It is achieved when you have nothing more to take away.


Think of Someone You Love

Think of Someone You Love – Everyday think about a friend, family member, or pet that you care about. By concentrating on your love for another you will begin to see the best in people.


Smile More

Smile More – Smiling helps the body enhance your mood, makes you look more attractive, and relieves stress. It is also a powerful force in making others feel happy.